137 mega GIANTS

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Updated May 10, 2023

A pretty epic achievement for clients – 137 saltwater barra over 1200mm

A long time ago my phone rang red hot for a year, so much so it left an everlasting mental scar. I was once a barra guide; and clients wanted in on the action, but it was impossible to keep up with the inquiries. There had to be another way to help people; on larger scale rather than two at a time. I worked out how to help others experience prime things and steer them on an endless journey through the wild. Teaching!

Since then, one training course (a masterclass on saltwater barramundi) has grown into an epic set of learning programs covering the A to Z of wild animal behaviour.  Teaching micro-detail is my specialty, but watching clients apply on their own to catch the very fish I once guided them to is next level cool. What’s better is the smile on their face!

Seeing the 100th wild barra over 1200mm caught by trained guys is a mega satisfying moment- and that all stemmed from the year the phone nearly cooked itself to death.

“Teaching the formula and watching guys apply it efficiently on their own is incredible!”

The average length of the now 137 saltwater fish is approx 1240mm with a significant number 1300 and above. Giants aren’t caught everyday, most people, guides included can go their whole career without landing one. They are not your everyday fish and require a completely different understanding to unlock their instinctual blocks, but there is a formula and process to make it happen.

1200 and 1300+ giants – caught by clients in NT, FNQ, CQ, SEQ. The majority, by lure casting.

You won’t find another system like it- true wild formulas; those found in the monumental depths of The Leopard Trail.

“The most powerful learning tool in the world!”

Level 2 and Level 3 of The Leopard Trail hold the answers.

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