100% Landing Ratio

How bad do you want it? 

A few Darwin masterclass anglers have been quietly casting and whacking into 90 to 100cm salties of late with one angler focusing solely on conversion rates, turning more strikes into landed fish. Refining this skill alone can simply double your catch, let alone the catch enhancement from the masterclass system when applied through a positive mind.

Just yesterday he managed a 100% conversion landing eight from eight in the 90 to 100cm range.

When the lure is in the zone he already has the advantage through mental focus knowing when bites are likely as well as having both body stance and rod angle in suitable positions.

The importance of this was established in my barra career 20 years ago fishing tight structures and heavy drags.

Adapting necessary ‘fixes’ to the problem areas (aka slack line) arising during the fight reduce the chances of fish escaping. Jumping fish, fast swimmers and energised direction changes cause most concern. Being alert and removing errors allows more fish to hit the deck. Bad rod angles disadvantage the angler, less bend and a tighter line equals more fish in the net.

It’s fascinating what we can teach anglers and how they spend their energy. Watching guys go from strength to strength is satisfying, their confidence skyrockets and they become incredibly successful anglers. What sticks out the most is these guys simply want to get better.

How efficient can they become?

Masterclass encourages anglers to work on their weakness so they become strengths. Then their original strengths become the weakness, so new effort is applied until strengthened. In reality they will always improve because their attitude remains open, analytical and positive. We’re currently working on a Phase 2 package for another competition angler looking to fine-tune their strategy.

One masterclass angler here in Darwin landed 23 over 900mm himself in the last week.

I love this stuff and so do they.

Johnny Mitchell


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