100m of Giant Barra


100m of Giant Barra

Out slips the ‘F’ word as a giant head breaks the surface, having never seen anything like it. Panic arrives, but is quickly brought under control – you’re prepared for this and it’s now live.

Up she comes again, this time clearing the water entirely, mouth wide open. It’s %@&#&*% big.

A barra like this is a dream to many; yet 99% of Aussies will never catch one. You’re holding onto an ACE card. Detailed learning about earth cycles, water, weather and simple animal psychology has lead to knowing WHY she would strike the lure. You’re connected to layers of valuable stuff.

The heart skips a few beats as she slides safely into the net. On the mat a wild saltwater barra glistens in the sun, breaking the 1200 mark.

Emotion triggers some weakness as you pick her up gently for a couple of pictures; then back she goes to swim free.

But there’s more to it…

A few sneaky tears roll from the eyes. It happened! But it didn’t just happen, you knew it would happen….. the tears aren’t because a fish of a lifetime hit the deck, they appear because you FEEL ALIVE, alive internally via the sensory connection with the wild. A feeling mates want but can’t quite figure out how you got there!

That fish was the 82nd wild saltwater barra over 1200mm caught by Johnny Mitchell’s trained clients. That’s not a typo either, it’s a long line of giant barra that would take Ussain Bolt 10 seconds to run past. An epic milestone of massive fish caught in a very switched on way.

Can you picture yourself holding the 83rd, 90th or 100th giant 1200 caught this way? Most anglers aren’t aware this method exists, but it powerfully dominates the sharp end of the barra scene.


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