2020 Barra Goals – What’s Yours?

It won’t be long before Queenslanders stare at a blazing sun – winter—> spring—> summer. The cycle never stops!
Some NT anglers own beanies and admit it gets cold in the Territory.

With that winter fuzz many fishers slow down or divert efforts away from barra. Soon enough the feeling of warmth returns, positive stories free flow and angling effort increases.

Often crowds follow the leader and by the time they hit spot x can miss the bite or be well behind a seasonal transition. Doing your own thing has huge benefits, plan ahead and be the one making news stories.

Fishing all year and never hanging up the rod is what’s required to ‘connect’ with barra so they become a 365 day proposition.

Once breaking through, the rod rack becomes obsolete. You won’t be waiting for stories and wondering if it’s time to hit river xyz, yours could be the first car in the car park, maybe the first boat down the river for the day….

Leading self and stepping outta the shadows is probably the best advice for getting better at barra hunting. Push self, nicely!

Santa visits late December, that’s five months away and a great time window to set an achievable goal and make it happen.

So what is your barra goal?
What’s the plan?
How will it be actioned?

Write it down, plan it, doowit!

I’m about to push play on my goals, super keen and hungry to hunt! 🐆

Goals are personal, you may not have any which is ok. We all fish for different reasons, to socialise, drink beer, relax but at the end of the day setting goals does change the way we approach life and 🙂 can bring our inner competitive style to the front and provide direction and purpose for a 0300am start.

Be truthful, what is your barra dream?

Johnny Mitchell