The 24th 120 cm+ Salty

barra catch

Ben Von Pein’s 123 cm saltwater barramundi marks the 24th salty over 120cm landed by a masterclass angler, aka, student. Ben set himself a goal after completing the masterclass seminar less than a year ago- to capture a 120cm salty. In his words-

“A trip was planned to lure fish areas known to me but because of major flood events and the ‘Barra Bounty’ being held I chose to head to an unknown area in an attempt to reach my goal before the season closed. A system was chosen and the first session spent getting a feel for the area and finding fish.

Day two commenced with high expectation knowing what was learnt the first session was promising. All went to plan with multiple fish landed on lures between 90 and 108 cm, plus a giant of 120 cm plus escaping after a lengthy battle.

Day three was planned differently to suit masterclass rule because of key information observed the day before. Everything went almost exactly to plan with over a dozen metre class fish landed prior to re-visiting the spot where the giant escaped on day two. Timing was critical, and within five minutes of arrival the 123 cm barra was hooked and landed.

On day four I chose to fish a couple of different areas and to look around. It started off slow but discovered the fish were feeding differently in these areas, but once the pattern emerged and adjustments in lure delivery made, six metre-plus barra were landed in short succession and were left biting to get packed up for the trip back home.”

Ben’s humble attitude, thorough approach and determined mind-set established the platform for his success. If you want to it happen, you make it happen! Ben’s hunting background was a perfect fit with masterclass content.

Johnny Mitchell