31 Wild Barra Over 1200mm


Earth’s Power

This wild barramundi at 1315mm marks the 31st salty over 1200mm landed by anglers having completed my Saltwater Barramundi Masterclass Seminar.

At this point 31 is just a stepping stone as that number will forever grow as trained anglers further sharpen fishing skills, become more instinctive and able to predict where, when, how and why before leaving home. The multi-tiered structured strategies provide anglers content not just on a daily or tidal basis, and not just hourly, but into every minute and second of the day.

Think of a wild predator on the African savanna; poised, alert, tuned, committed, focused and NEEDING a kill, not ambling or unaware. Imagine barra hunting simply using all senses, detecting all manner of subtleties and drawing in every microscopic detail and using that to your advantage. That’s masterclass!


How far can we take the art of barra fishing?

It’s been a few decades and literally thousands of metre-plus barra captures alongside countless 1200 and 1300+mm critters, guiding, filming, observing, diving, sleepless nights and a level of awareness that puts one in the ‘hyper addicted to learning’ category where letting go is impossible, as the Masterclass level is about living, breathing and feeling earth’s rhythm day in, day out. Being in tune, detecting ‘patterns and cycles’ and pretty well knowing what to expect and how to combat any given scenario.

That’s what I teach, and love it to bits, because it’s real, raw, and the way of the wild!

Saltwater Barramundi Masterclass Seminar.

Johnny Mitchell