32nd Barra Over 1200mm

‘Fishing Masterclass Angler’ Ben Gudgeon has captured the 32nd saltwater barra over 1200mm for the masterclass community luring this 1280mm whopper from the depths of CQ waters through a combination of effort, prediction and refined skills. Ben doesn’t fish often, so used his masterclass seminar knowledge to advantage to maximise chances through processing a host of environmental variables and fishing skill sets used to trick cunning, pressured fish.

Ben is stoked and pretty well said he got a bit spooked when the giant jumped near the boat. “The fish struck and powered along the surface with its back and dorsal fin out of the water before turning and running towards the boat.”  “I had to wind fast to stay connected and when the fish jumped I couldn’t see the lure knowing it must have been well inside.”  “Paul and I had trouble getting her in the net, to be honest it didn’t fit so we had to use our hands to grab the mouth and comfort lift the barra into the boat to support the weight.” “A few quick pics and she swam away strongly.”

Ben used 100 lb leader as per the seminar’s recommendation and understands the importance of this as 1200mm fish are in their own league requiring not only particular rigging and approach, but an advanced level of knowledge is required to understand what makes them tick and how an angler should work within these guidelines to obtain results.

Ben’s level of awareness kept him alert and in the game and he described the catch as his personal best and ticked off his goal to catch a 1200mm barra in 2018. Ben will also be rewarded with $250.00 cash and delivered handcrafted barra lures from BTD Lures for recognition of his capture and efforts in applying high level knowledge, plus retaining the positive mindset required to reach any life goal.

Congratulations Ben Gudgeon, a top effort!

Johnny Mitchell’s Saltwater Barra Masterclass Seminar

Johnny Mitchell

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