33rd 1200+mm Wild Saltwater Barramundi

On average, every four weeks, a Masterclass trained angler captures a 1200+mm wild saltwater barramundi, not by chance yet through application of serious teachable knowledge.


The Saltwater Barra Masterclass Seminar is a mind-opener, where those anglers with the motivation and desire to succeed take the advantage and develop into key hunters. When a Masterclass angler finds their true spirit they become the ‘leopard in the grass’, a strategic patient hunter, poised, silent, using both mental and physical skills to master the art. Sound wanky?
To many it will, but to the open-minded, Masterclass becomes the doorway to a new world, an arena where you never stop learning and question everything, refining tactics and practising skillsets. When looking back at old ways you immediately wonder how the pathway was missed and what the hell you were even doing.

An 1180mm caught via the Masterclass system.

Jeff’s 1200mm barra won’t be the last one he catches, the door has opened and more 1200mm fish will fall victim to the Masterclass method, no fish is safe when gun anglers like Jeff adopt new ways of thinking and power it with positive energy.

Jeff’s recent winter whopper at 1200+ was captured on a cool morning with chilly SW winds. Masterclass anglers already know the incredible list of information Jeff processed before leaving home to make his chess move, plus the last minute fine-adjustments made when on the water.
Jeff had just two casts that morning with a paddletail soft plastic to hook and land the whopper, (the 33rd fish over 120cm for Masterclass anglers) although Jeff will be wondering why he didn’t complete the task in just one cast. The questioning nature of Masterclass will have you dissecting everything. The lure of choice was selected through understanding the animal, not by picking a favourite or driven by market or media hype. That stuff can be misleading and Jeff’s $3.00 lure is walked past daily in tackle stores.
How far can Johnny Mitchell break down fishing and environmental contributors is anyone’s guess, yet those who have taken the game seriously are reaping rewards. Masterclass is already explained to students in detail to include every second of the day- you really have to engage in the seminar to understand this statement.
If you had just one arrow and needed to shoot an animal to feed your family there’d be a concious effort applied to make sure all advantages are kept and the perfect moment chosen to make the kill shot.

Hunters know the habits of their prey. Hyenas identify the weakness in the animal kingdom and take advantage hunting and also stealing prey from other predators. “Knowing is vital to survival.”

A hunter considers the strengths and weakness of the target animal such as eyesight, hearing, sensitivity and behavioural patterns of both natural and sculpted, wind direction, temperature, terrain, and any vantage point such as cover. That list is never ending, and it’s the same when hunting fish with a rod and lure. A hunter has also psycho-analyzed themselves and know their abilities and limitations.

Placing yourself within a couple of metres of a 120+ kilo feral boar takes skill, patience, knowledge of wind patterns, a sense of awareness and the ability to move undetected. The animal itself has a remarkable set of survival skills but a hunter or angler must show greater ability than the target species in order to succeed.

After 14 years guiding Johnny has witnessed, compared traits, skills and attitudes of anglers from beginner to advanced. What’s missing, what’s overlooked and what isn’t even known or considered have all been microscoped and explains the birth of Masterclass.
His skills learnt from hunting feral pigs, bush craft, stalking and observing animals, filming documentaries, diving, commercial fishing and crabbing, and even critical human traits such as energy control and awareness are key fundamentals rolled together to form compact, tactical barra hunters.

The Masterclass seminar is based on raw knowledge of animals and the triggering elements controlling their behaviour. Johnny Mitchell has incredible skills, an ability via intuition and observational patterning where he can read animal behaviour to an infinite level and often predict barra strikes seconds before they happen. This ability only comes from tens of thousands of hours spent close quarters to wild animals.

People sneeze and laugh at some of the key topics making good fisherman great, yet those same anglers categorise Johnny as a ‘freak of nature’ but in honesty it’s the content he learned in the field and analyzed that holds the superior value. Tournament anglers from fresh to salt have won numerous competitions under the direction of Johnny Mitchell, barramundi fishing guides have also trained under the Fishing Masterclass/Wild Adventures banner, plus Masterclass has been overseas training international anglers and commercial operators.

Learning to see instead of look is a trade skill. Observing wild animals is one thing, picking up the details others often miss is why Masterclass is leading the way with Australian barra anglers.

What energises Johnny most are the motivated Masterclass anglers wanting to be the best they can – that help isn’t coming from a fishing magazine or basic content on barra, it’s a level requiring 100% focus resulting in PERSONAL GROWTH, pushing boundaries well out of the way.
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