Do Barra Eat Everyday?

“Barra eat everyday!” 🤦‍♂️
Woo back, let’s microscope those words.

Somewhere today humans will fuel up at a servo while other humans won’t fuel up at a servo.

It’s not a case of everyone needing to fill the tank everyday. Same with barra, most will have an energy tank between empty and full.

So if hanging around near traffic lights all day waiting to see someone fuel up it’s almost 100% guaranteed it won’t happen, because it doesn’t happen there or in the middle of Bunnings. It happens at at fuel stop!

Targeting barra during cold snaps or scrappy weather can mean most won’t need to eat…………yet be confident that one will be running on empty and looking to fuel up.

The skill sits in knowing what servo is used on the day, aka feeding station.
It’s a % game, the bigger the school numbers the greater the chance of finding a hungry one.

Cold temps are like low engine revs, low fuel burn and a longer time needed before refuel. So if hitting the water thinking barra as a whole eat everyday, that would not be quite truthful.

Crank the temp up and fuel burn increases, tanks empty faster and nek minnit there’s a line up at the servo.