72 Giants on the Wild Pathway

72 Giants and the Path Back to the Wild 

I recall the first barra over 1200mm landed by a Masterclass client. Tears rolled down my face. Why, because someone took the serious learnings to the depths, believing and applying.  Excitement was an understatement. Then number two, three, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and now 72 have been landed with the stories making it back to my inbox.

Yea, 72 sets of tears jumped from my eyes and doubt that will ever change when number 100 is landed.

Simple explainables brought to attention skyrocket chances for that goal-of-a-lifetime.

Beyond doubt, clients have taken this high level training programme and turned it not only into repetitive catches of XXXL fish, (72 x 1200mm+ wild giants caught) but also changed the face of Australia’s tournament fishing scene along the way.

What’s behind the curtain has changed the dynamic in a measurable way. It stands clear yet often under close protection by anglers utilising this high-level platform.

A self-diagnostic test provided for tournament anglers shows its infancy, with top anglers still only working at 65% capacity to the programme’s potential while still scoring high ranking individually and in team formation. Firsts, seconds, thirds, breaking PB’s, tournament records and at times dominating top five and top 10 placings.

15 years ago I put energy into two teenage kids that blitzed the adult tournament circuit five years in a row until they stepped back from fishing.

Next came the Masterclass Seminar where decades of my field work from a wide range of land animal and marine species funneled into a super-micro layered package.

My progressive knowledge keeps morphing into something way beyond even closest friends, colleagues and clients can handle.

But it’s the guts of Masterclass that holds the power in an unstoppable fashion.
Why? because it’s the rules of the wild, nature’s ebb and flow, the way of survival, harmony, variable energy, triggering and predictability.

Clients that stay on the bus find themselves in a new world, new eyes, new perspective, on an entirely mesmerising journey. Their inner truth no longer hashtags lure brands or products as this is entirely irrelevant to results.

We have opened the minds of both young and old fishermen and in recent times women opted in learning these mysterious and intriguing ways.

But it’s not for everyone, those not yet ready to connect in deeper layers of life and understanding simply won’t see what’s before them, and this is perfectly ok. The time will come, nature is both empowering and has deep healing qualities that eventually draw people back…..to connect.

Commercial line fisherman have doubled their catch and halved their hours by focusing on seminar content.
Feral animal control professionals are also acknowledging doubled catches, halved effort.

I get random inquires from unknowns and research companies to problem solve or assist with projects.

The Masterclass stands true to its name. A class to mastery and a pathway for extraordinary growth……in fishing, hunting and general life. It’s an awakening from domestication back to instinctual ways, as deep down there’s animal within us suppressed my modern living.


A Significant Milestone

Number 61 over 1200mm (length 1305mm) was lure caught at the end of the 2020 barra season by a bloke we call ‘Mr Equilibrium’. It’s an in-house name given to the style of angler. Deep, tactical, well-studied, processing a large list of positive and negatives to find the balancing point to extract giant fish.
These guys don’t fluke 1200s, they hunt them.
To many, a 1200 is a lucky once-off catch, yet we train these guys to make-it-happen, and they do. The 72 fish over 1200 average around 1250mm, (all wild salties) no lake fish counted in the tally. Number 61 was caught in Feb, 2021.

11 more in the following six months.

Take into consideration Masterclass teaches a low-key ‘under the radar’ style where skilled anglers zip lips and say very little.
I know other 1200s have been caught in recent years via leaky loops yet these catches remain respected as these guys fly low, lay low, and apply a powerful level of operation.
Clients sometimes share their result yet request images not shown publicly.

Number 1- I respect these individuals and the ‘Way of Masterclass’.
Number 2- Hearing their story is exciting, and a privilege.
Number 3- Masterclass is hunting. True hunters remain fully camouflaged and out of public eye. Wanna become a target? These guys do not.

Back to ‘Mr Equilibrium’. He shared his story on data processing, predicting and planning his hunt for perfect timing to meet a couple of XXL fish sizes. He stayed home, waited, watched, tweaked his plan then pounced like a leopard in the dark of night. I won’t say anymore, but this man is one of a number of Masterclass anglers standing at the doorway to higher learning. Later in the year I’m releasing a programme for those wanting to become the ULTIMATE HUNTER. (This is nearly here , September 2021)

We’re releasing a training series this year, (starting this week) to help anglers, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. The opportunity is here to climb a learning tier and become a more powerful version of self…………..and for the keenest to transform mental, tactical and physical into that of Nature’s Ultimate Hunter.

Keen, is the word!

Johnny Mitchell

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