‘Wild Adventures’ is the growing enterprise of Australian angler and nature man Johnny Mitchell.

Aged 42, his love for raw adventure and the environment is compelling. A 30-year filmmaking passion burns, having served his apprenticeship with 11 educational DVDs released in the last decade. A desire to take the ‘Wild Adventures’ film series to remote destinations is now reality, living and filming lifelong visions. A recent five week trip to the NT and Arnhem Land was just the start of long-range adventure.

13 years professional guiding helped thousands of Australian and international anglers reach their fishing dreams with both impoundment and wild saltwater barramundi captures over 1300mm long. Bluewater guiding catches include 40+kg Spanish mackerel and GT’s, right through to fly caught metre-plus giant herring. In 2015 Johnny developed the saltwater barramundi masterclass training seminar and triggered barramundi anglers Australia-wide to blossom, with eager masterclass clients stepping through the ranks to take firsts and second placings in barramundi competitions against experienced anglers. The ongoing development of new training courses and seminars are designed for individual progression.

One of Johnny’s strengths is the ability to observe and extract key information from the natural world, forming patterns and creating strategies to combat the wild. That material is powerful and forms the backbone to the Wild Adventures (Fishing Masterclass) training content. Experience stretches from laying in billabongs filming 100kg feral pigs half a metre away, wandering sandfly-ridden mangrove forrests, studying mud crabs, diving with tiger sharks, catching scrub bulls, helicopter work, remote living on islands, engaging in close-quarter action, plus international learnings via Apache Indians.
Our continued intention after 13 years encourages people to dream, evolve and inspire others to find the spirit of life. The team at ‘Wild Adventures’ including Katie and Malia realise the value of time. Our objective; to teach, entertain, serve and prompt your urge to explore. That urge, backed with extra knowledge should improve life and outdoor experience.

A key quote we share with clients- ‘Knowing versus Guessing!’

‘Wild Adventures Team Members’ – Katie and Malia –