Active Adventure

If there’s one thing learnt from 14 years guiding and running tours it’s that people love adventure!

Going to the shop to buy a bloody bottle of milk can be an adventure- depending who’s driving or what happens along the way. The scale varies from 1 to 100. Adrenalin junkies try things others would never consider, and that’s where it becomes personal.


Some people have never walked without a torch beyond the edge of the fire glow, swum with a shark, flown in a helicopter, taken their 4wd off the bitumen, explored a new creek, stalked a wild animal or traveled without hard plans?

Adventure is everywhere and it’s the ‘living’ part that keeps us alive and true to our word.

Paul, aka ‘Sandfly’. He and dog ‘Digger’ live a life of adventure at least every four days.


If you want more adventure in your life creating a plan is the starting point and believe it or not the hardest part- the rest comes easier. Dreams and ideas can sit in peoples’ heads for ever and sadly never become actioned. Grabbing a pen and paper or printing out pictures of your dream and posting it on the fridge or office wall is the beginning of bringing something to life! I do it.

The Next Step 

Working out what to do or who can help you reach the goal comes next, then establishing either the time, financial plan, training, or equipment needed to make it happen.

Adventure, like a fishing charter, overland tour, scuba dive, heli flight or anything like that is often already planned by professionals. All you have to do is turn up!

If not, hiring a heli for example to explore remote country in your own way isn’t that expensive with a crew of two or three. Looking at hours spent in a boat, or on foot in mountains versus distance covered by a heli- the cost is cheap by air for the return on investment.

Planning an overnight bush walk/camp from A to B is easy- you just ask or pay someone on a day off to collect you from point X, 20 km from whoop whoop!

What blows me away is within two hours from most people’s front door one can be somewhere incredible, starting an adventure or a journey into wild country, standing on a mountain peak or a quiet ridge watching the sun rise over a chilled valley, while others still sleep. Adventure can be a solo trip, or a team effort, the point being it’s not that difficult to action.

Group adventures take a lot more to plan as different rosters can be tough to juggle the alignment and a year can tick by and the dream never unfold. That one is a ‘Catch 22’!

If the inner pulls hard enough and your vision has power behind it, you’ll find a way to make it happen. There’s nothing more rewarding than visualising, planning, working hard, then finally achieving the goal.

Self-satisfaction is incredible, so too is watching or helping someone else achieve their dreams or flourish in their chosen arena.

Active Adventure- what’s your next move?

Johnny Mitchell

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