Barefoot, Broke, but Rich.

Barefoot Leadership

A 46 year old bloke cruises by in an old dinghy wearing a floppy hat, footy shorts and mismatched shirt. He’s out of the fashion spotlight, unsponsored and sidesteps normal trends. A tin roof and smokey fire at camp is the backdrop. Those guys get little attention but the powerful space of freedom to operate unnoticed.

Low key function has great strength especially when played out over decades. A lot can be achieved, learnt and developed on our own without interruption. Flying under the radar, out of sight but on the pulse of some extraordinary findings.

Decades with feral pigs, scrub bulls, Spanish macs, saltwater and impoundment barra, commercial mudcrabbing, 12 years guiding, training fisherman, hunters, research work, full time night study going beyond, and of course human psychology.

Mix that in an old bucket and out pops a unique product.

Along with this comes a pile of process, strategies and formulas to decode the wild, catch more fish, hunt better and simply thrive on watching and understanding how things work.

Johnny Mitchell could have stayed in the shadows yet chose to lead generations along a journey of discovery admiring rhythmic ways of the wilderness.

The guy with no shoes, a $500 dinghy and crazy amounts of experience is opening the minds of old and young.
His new programmes are recognised by a leadership format and the advanced content.

It’s the place to be if wild mystery and wonder is part of your life.

Johnny will lead you to a world of KNOWING.

Read more about his style here.