‘Barra Blindness’ it’s a thing!

Can remember my first saltwater barra caught on lure as if it was yesterday. 8lb line tied straight to the lure. Yea, wild hey. A fish about 13 pounds, released.

Back then it wasn’t common to measure barra or discuss length, weight was the standard metric.
Times changed and now length is the replacement. 90cm, 100cm, 120cm.
Trendsetters say $1.20

What doesn’t change are the principles and wild rules controlling fish. What triggered that 13lb fish to strike would have been so obvious yet my mind back then was 99% closed to the rules of the wild, seeing little, hearing less, knowing nothing of the reasons influencing fish behaviour.
3/4 disconnected, sad but true!

These days my game is played in seconds, ahead of time watching the comings and goings of trigger events activate and shut down fish.
Strikes are no longer a shock or surprise, metre wild fish are basically daily catches and I’m in harmony with how it all works. My level of connection these days is deep, explainable and sensible.

One of my first ‘wow’ moments with barra 30 years ago was having a great session one morning followed by a dud run the next morning. Like, how does that happen and why?

Back then it made zero sense, these days it’s clearer than ever.
It’s an eye-opening moment where one thing at a time comes to our senses.
Not only does awareness bring these things to the table but they begin to improve results when we sync to the rhythm. The rhythm of earth’s beat.

That skinny 15 year old lad had ever been shown the ways of the wild and was simply blind. I’ll admit it, a truth.

Today, a huge percentage of anglers have this blindness and disconnect to the wild ways and I know why. They too, just like me were never shown – rarely does anyone go to these depths in study format. My early mentors didn’t, to be honest I don’t know anyone this deep in the barra game.

Blindness is a thing, we can’t see it. How can you see something that isn’t there? Well it is there but it’s not seen because a portion of our brain hasn’t given it any meaning.
And because it doesn’t have any meaning it’s filtered out day after day, and discarded. What’s filtered out unfortunately are the best bits of the game.

Imagine what happens when beginning to file this stuff to keep tabs on it? Data, records, patterns……it all pops out and smacks you in the grill.🥊

But first we have to know what to look for.

Imagine recognising a repeat pattern before it occurs in the future? Imagine knowing where to fish, what school to ignore, what lure to cast and what time it’ll happen.

That’s the power of removing the blinkers, the glasses we are programmed to wear, the programme instilled in our minds since young age, rarely questioned and marginally modified.

My barra hand is made of three things.


The past taught the lessons.
That data helps me to see the future.
And the future vision becomes the present where the final part of the equation is played out to put barra on deck.

Most people have their own professional field and excel in that arena. My professional field is 30 years of data collection in the wild. That’s the stuff we teach clients and the data transfer helps them focus on future patterns which leaves the final part of the equation- CATCHING!

Without full-time immersion anglers struggle to see the bigger picture of the wild and what controls animals.

It’s actually f#€£/*^ spooky cool and the respect and appreciation for the wild goes up and up and up the further clients connect. It takes time but the view is mesmerising.

As fishing gets harder this stuff becomes more valuable. It’s a very unique way of dealing with wild barramundi and their intricate behaviours.

Many anglers are not aware of this pathway and therefore can’t see the cracks in their style. When the realisation occurs they come knocking. A solution is here when they’re ready for the software update.

Johnny Mitchell

The Pathway