Barra That Don’t Bite


People experience donuts at a greater rate these days because fishing pressure changes fish behaviour.
Untouched fish are becoming rarer and the closer the schools are to city centres the more baits and lures they see.

Barra experience things like being hooked, caught, tagged, dropped on their head, slime coat rubbed off on carpet, lures left stuck in their mouth from bust-offs, spooked by boat presence and in general they are unsettled and so-often disturbed.

Sonar snapshots hit social media pages in numbers greater than barra pictures. Like sunset pics, sonar shots are the next best thing because barra shots are becoming less common when compared to recreational hours spent.

So all of a sudden the fish are no longer relaxed, they think about survival and self-preservation. Anything less than high end skills applied isn’t likely to produce consistent catches.

Anglers face an animal’s instinctual response to their human presence, a THREAT!
Wild animals adapt to survive and right now many anglers are scoring donuts or low scores against hours spent. Latest competition results really back this up, so many low scores. 😕😕😕

When openly laying cards on the table many anglers aren’t aware of the process these fish use to feed and survive amongst potential threats.
It’s quite unique and when compared to how most anglers operate it simply doesn’t stack up to equal success.

As fishing gets harder anglers will need to know more, it’s as simple as that.

I’ve watched freshwater and saltwater barra change over the last 30 years, studied them hard for the last 20. It’s my job, a man with a microscope. I watch, fish and adapt to match the new criteria set by our own pressure.

A decade or more guiding on Lake Awoonga fishing super pressured fish taught amazing lessons. They went from easy to hard before exiting in the 2010/2011 flood event.
Wild fish shut up shop and comfortably ignore fake offerings (lures) presented in an unsuitable manner and poor timing.

There’s so many wild rules anglers will only learn by accepting the time has come to embrace higher levels of knowledge, because the fish are leaving most people for dead.

Adapt or die- a rule of the wild.

Masterclass seminar – learn the high end adaptations required to stay in the game.

Johnny Mitchell