The Barra Dream…and You’re in it

Imagine building the fish tank of your dreams, with catchable barra in front of your eyes.

Imagine results daily where you’re able to stand with rod in hand casting into that dream fishtank of barra. As fishing gets harder with pressure, things need to be ‘right’ to get results.

One of our Masterclass Students calls Masterclass “Build Your Own Fishtank.”

It’s a great description. Every day of the year is different to the next, weather, tides, temperature, season…..bla bla bla.

Masterclass provides insight into significant variables controlling fish behaviour, then via an infinite, detailed, complex, mindblowing process helps anglers eliminate destructive variables…… to build your dream fishtank.

What the average angler cannot process is what they don’t know. Imagine sounding fish and casting for hours because the school has good fish in it. Those days often end with a beautiful sounder screenshot posted on a social media site … of the fish that didn’t bite.

Two things stand out there, BAD TIMING or POOR EXECUTION. Both can kill the scoreboard.

Timing is critical and honed Masterclass students now comfortably drive away from schools of fish because the ‘fishtank’ is lacking goodness. A learned process.

They maximise their time where and when it counts. A conversation this morning with a gun student/hunter/angler. (I like to call them hunters, this is hunting at its best)

He quotes- ” knew I would battle some big fish and the bites were savage, I jammed them super hard and then hit them twice again like setting the hooks into a GT.
The 1200 just sat there and did violent head shakes and then it took off to the side and launched out of the water and threw the plastic.
But I took positives out of it, planned on battling big fish, and they came on like clock work. When ######## ### ######## ##, #### ## # ####### the creek. I was using a ###### #### technique and was super confident. All happened within 20 minutes of one of your taught triggers. 99% of anglers would be unaware, but it’s amazing to witness..
5 savage bites, jumped off 3 metre-plus fish including a 1200. Lessons learnt, confident for next time.”

Experience Teaches

Every hour on the water fertilises the Masterclass way, it’s a pathway always providing lessons, learnings and improvements for an angler as it’s self diagnosing formula points directly to the weakness in an angler’s game.

The cool bit being that weakness is then to be worked on so it becomes a strength. The entire process is worked this way, growth being the only outcome for the serious angler.

I’m off barra fishing again after dark tonight, already processing the dozens of options, tuned closely to earth’s rhythmic patterns. The list will be shortened this afternoon to a point I back myself for a first-cast metre-plus wild barra. The confidence comes from KNOWING rather than GUESSING.

Does Masterclass interest you?

Johnny Mitchell