Barra- missed it by a dog’s whisker


Imagine casting lures from a boat, casting 40m towards the lake shore. From 40m back it seems like the lure lands within 50cm of the weed edge, but can 50cm really be gauged from looking down the line across 40m of water?
What if that lure is really falling 1.5m short from the weed edge?

Is it close enough?
Does the lure even reach the fish?
How far is 40m?

Yea yea, it’s 40m lol, 🤦‍♂️ but in realtime on the water there’s no witches hats, markers or tapes, just guesswork.

If casting a lure and it not fouling weed, try casting further, explore every pocket and hollow because when chasing barra in weedy lakes so many anglers drive away from catchable fish because the lure never swims past the barra’s eyes.
So close, yet so far.

My whole point – “Accuracy needs to improve as the process unfolds!”

Look at this! 👀
An angler might live 200 km from the lake. (200km from the fish) 🙂
Launches boat in the lake. (4km from the fish) 🙂
Finds a spot to fish and anchors (40 m from the fish. 🙂
Picks up a rod and casts 30m 👀 (10m short of the fish) 😯

As the entire process unfolds the angler gets closer to the prize, that is until driving away from the prize and trying a new spot.
Hotter, hotter, colder, colder, colder……

Enter swear words here- $^#&^ #€÷€#
A fishless session ! 🤬

How effective was the cast spread? We’re not even talking technique yet, but focusing on getting the lure into the fishy zones.
Imagine casting 3m short of catchable fish? Unless sooooooopa hungry or activated a barra is unlikely to move 3m to eat the lure. It needs to be cast closer, pulled through their trigger bubble.

A cast spread needs to be thorough, each nook and cranny probed with a lure.
Every pocket, dip, hole, gap, channel can be cast at. From 40m out this becomes a challenge.
Why not move the boat 10m from the weed so each gap can be clearly seen? Why, because the boat’s presence in the area can be too intrusive, spooking the fish.

Casting needs to be done from afar, as far as you can cast.
20m casts minimum.
30m is great.
40m is awesome.

A Story from this Week..

…..was on Awoonga and rounded a bend to see a vessel in the area I planned to fish. From a distance it seemed the spot was taken yet from 400m out it was noticed the fella was outside the weed line and no way his casts would reach the weedy pocket where barra would be hiding. He  moved on to continue the search and about 20 mins later I idled in, cut the motor, drifted closer, lowered the anchor and went three fish in three casts.

Why? Because the fish hang in closer at this spot, hunting in the weed and warm shallows. So unless placing a lure where barra funnel and focus success is highly UNLIKELY.

Lots of time and money is spent to be on a lake to fall short of the result by just a few metres.
Where do barra hangout, well that’s a long conversation on its own but during late winter and spring there’s huge advantage in going shallower amongst the weedy cover or just outside the weed fringe. A bit of warmth is also very attractive. Who doesn’t like a warm bath?

Having knowledge on barra lures and techniques helps, plus an idea on where to cast them.

I made an online training programme to help anglers once they’ve picked up the rod. What TECHNIQUE  to use and WHERE to cast. I guided clients on barra impoundments for a long time and it stood out where visitors and anglers can fall short on catching barra.

The detail is always important. There’s plenty of occasions where casts are fired left, right and centre and a barra hooked beside a weed ball in the back corner. The next cast sent into the same spot can get smashed by another fish…….and then a third fish 10 casts later. Imagine not being thorough and missing the hot zone on the day……yes that means missing out on catching fish.

What separates good anglers from the field? Knowledge and how it’s applied….

Focus on what matters- learn to catch barra by applying a simple strategy and a handful of different lure fishing techniques using a basic dinghy without sonar or an electric motor……just an anchor and bit of tangled rope.

Check it out here.

Another influence these days is sonar technology, advanced bits of gear used to find fish, yet they can also kill a fisherman’s game by focusing too much energy on the screen, driving past places that hold fish yet undetectable on sonar as the fish are either too shallow, high in the water column or hidden among weed forests. This is where lots of barra hang out and sonar not needed to catch them, but unless the lure lands close to the fish you may as well be at the pub having a beer.

Learn How and Where Here.

In summer months, sonar is beneficial as fish spend more time slightly deeper in the lake and often outside the weed line.  Even then, the lure must get to the depth of the fish and in the perfect zone.

Impoundment Barra Lure Fishing Course

Sonar Course

Johnny Mitchell