First cast fell short of the target, and yes I was disappointed in that because often the first cast is the killer. Anyway,  the second cast landed in a much better position and would intercept the fish nicely with the help of the tide.

Badoink, fish on.

The line sizzled, I smiled and yea of course that happened because barra hunting is bloody cool. The daily challenge is there and refining skillsets is a happy thing. A good fight with about six jumps and a 98cm fish hits the net.

That lure was snipped off, plastic paddle tied on and the third cast set sailing. Nothing!

Next cast, badoink, and it’s a repeat. Fast runs, multiple jumps and in the net it goes. A tagged fish at 92cm. (data coming soon).

Next cast $@&#&#^ whammo and the rod buckles, line melts and again an amped up fish jumps in the glow of night. At about 104cm this one was thick, fit, strong and probably gearing up in a schooling aggregation in readiness for spawn time.

Such beautiful fish.

With October temps climbing so too is their need for energy. Energy for travel and spawning. They eat more as Spring advances and get busy when things are right.

I fish very particular these days, not foot loose and random, but meaningful and deliberate. Remember the first part of the story, that wayward cast was an error, an error that shouldn’t happen. Errors destroy chances. Eliminate them from your game.

Regardless of that f@€£up it was a good fun session ending with an upside down selfy.

Four deadly fish in six casts, (two@ metre+) a happy end to a magical weekend.

#wildways #barraaddict #noerrors

Johnny Mitchell