Beaten By A 120+

Masterclass Angler,  Zac’s Story-

“I set out for a solo fish with the goal to slow down, immerse myself back into the natural rhythm after a hectic couple of months in city mode.  I chose a week day, it would be quiet and would have the creek to myself. Great for focus and staying relaxed….

A light SE breeze was predicted. I planned to fish for smaller 90 to 100cm barra then shift my focus to the larger fish that inhabit areas close by.

I experimented with various lures, retrieves and sonics during the initial stages, having fun plucking several 80cm rats from eddies and snags, but the time was near and shifted to an area of the creek that was different compared to rest. (Baitfish push around a bend on the run out tide.)
11 Months ago I caught a 125cm barra there and had not fished it much since, but had always checked up on them with the sounder to see if they were still in the area, patiently waiting for the right day. You don’t rush these things, you feel it and work with it.
A quick scan showed several 110-120cm fish scattered around, yet at what I call the prime location sat two larger fish at 120cm+ with around a dozen small 60-80cm fish. I fished here believing my lure would spark some activity even from the smaller fish, yet would be too big for them to effectively attack.

Three casts with a BIG lure resulted in a bone jarring strike. I set hard and fast and felt an immense weight and knew it was a giant. The fish shook its head violently down deep, then took a short but sizzling run up stream, almost running parallel to the boat, unfortunately creating a small amount of slack line before breaching and throwing its massive head to the side and dislodging my lure.
Gone, another chance at a 120 plus sized monster escaped me, but hey, I’m fine tuning this and it’s an incredible feeling!”