Beyond Your Limitations

In the training world our Wild Adventures content stretches heads. Seminars leave even high end fisherman digging deep while letting the new material settle into their life.
It’s a bit like learning a new language, can take a while to absorb but eventually it free flows.

Would you prefer an easy seminar or something that challenges your thinking? Mid examination- the anglers deep in thought.

Similar occurs with the sonar course, sonar information is broken down highlighting what can be done with that black box on the dash.

Anglers want improvement catching fish, the basic fundamentals play a CRITICAL role in the BIG PICTURE, but often get skipped or skimmed quickly as fishers ‘think they know it’- and that’s the MISTAKE.

After years of guiding it was clear to see serious flaws, one being

misinterpretation of sonar images by mid and high level fishers. In fact it was disturbing how anglers trolling over the same ground or standing beside you weren’t detecting or seeing the same Spanish mackerel on screen.

How can that be? easily noticeable, but that was my mistake, assuming others had the basics down pat.

Man was I wrong! The same is seen in Masterclass, bottom tier basic subjects bringing the room to a momentary standstill, blank stares.

The amount of little things anglers miss is incredible. In childhood and early adult development our parents show us stepping stones, but not the gravel in between, but it’s these tiny building blocks that form the sturdiest foundation for not just learning, for they stitch together like a quilt and only when stepping back do we see the real pattern.

In combination form they’re deadly and once you spot the individual pebbles it’s only then the reasilation occurs there’s thousands of them all contributing to and ENDLESS, meaningful story.

Slightly off topic, imagine a good cordless drill with a broken screw bit, a flash car with bald tyres, a graphite tennis racquet with broken strings, a barra lure with weak hooks, a fishing reel with a shit drag, a $3000.00 sounder un-tuned, or a computer keyboard with brokn lttrz, haf th stry is mssng.
Call these things omittances or limitations!

Who wants any limitation in fishing and why would we hold onto limitations if they can be identified and removed? (training wheels)

Truth is many haven’t been shown the pebbles, even though walking over them for years. It’s a case of spending time exploring what may have been missed, or taking a class on a key subject.

I commercially mudcrabbed about 18 years ago for four or so years, living alone on an island and did well, observing, learning, enjoying every step.
An old wise fisherman on the hill, (my mentor) recently pointed to the pebbles and only then did I realise the guts to my crabbing story hadn’t been unearthed in the earlier ‘apprenticeship’.

Sure, I knew more than enough to make a living, enough to sink a small ship with crabs, but here was a bloke saying, “There’s more to it!”

Some cool things learnt nearly 15 years ago left me scratching my head, now it’s clear that my standstill in development (stopping commercial crabbing) was the limitation. That limitation had to go if I wanted to finish the story because that’s how I roll, “leaving no stone unturned”, so to speak.
So, recently I reinvested back into the industry part time to continue my studies with muddies (poet) only from an eagerness to learn and finish off homework and patterning started 18 years ago.

It blows my mind how much there is to learn on any subject and how any subheading or micro heading can be microscoped and refined to the millimetre. I have a list of crabby questions needing answers, questions about behaviour down to minutes and seconds, fine-lined questions where answers will be found – far beyond basic or general knowledge.

To be honest I’m addicted to learning and would climb a mountain to witness a phenomenon or satisfy a curiosity because all those micro details and pebbles are there for a reason, not just for looks.

Highway miles, boat miles, brain miles- plenty of effort and cost goes into learning alone. The reward, very personal!

My last 20 years’ learnings cost me literally hundreds of thousands of dollars, snooping, watching, interacting, thinking, wondering and asking that mongrel ‘why’ question. That bloody question cost me tens of thousands more because it meant having to go back to spot x and look again just to find the next pebble in the dark.

This rambling is about GROWTH, if you want to grow it’s the basics needing to be well understood and it’s how well you know and apply the basics that begins to lead you away from the crowd.
Don’t overlook basic learning – because that’s where the power is!
There’s a trend, when guys know they’re ready to learn only then do they come looking for help. Until then, those limitations will always linger. Beyond that is a fresh way to think and a new way to see your surrounds!

Johnny Mitchell



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