Catching Impoundment Barra in Summer

It’s summer, hot, dry and water temps have skyrocketed. Many fishermen wait for warmer waters well after winter to target barra yet a few things have occurred in lakes making it a bit harder for lure casters.
As seasons change to summer lake water temps can hit 30 degrees Celcius. Barra simply spend more time at depth where it’s slightly cooler and more comfortable.

This results in many fish sitting deeper in the waterways often out of reach of edge fisherman casting lures at weed fringes.
These deepwater fish often return to feed towards the shallows as night falls and can stay until dawn the next morning.
Some amazing fishing can occur in the dark as these fish come back to the edges and points therefore reachable by anglers casting the fringes. (lake edge)

The common angler does it harder during the day, yet knowing the behavior of the fish increases the odds by spending time fishing during lower light in summer. (increases odds)

Good guides will also increase your chances during daylight by knowing certain zones barra use in the heat of the day. These types of spots can take time to find and certainly not easy for visitors or even locals to nut these out.

I spent time creating an online training programme (after a decade of guiding on lakes) teaching seven different locations to target barra in lakes all year, plus breaking down and teaching seven lure fishing techniques to use in these areas. This fast tracks anyone’s learning, and opens doors to understand more about impoundment barramundi.

Knowing Where to fish and How is the starting point for success.

Dawn and dusk can be great times to fish surface lures in summer as fish return or rise toward the top.
In saying this, some great fishing happens mid summer in the heat during the middle of the day yet mostly for experienced anglers knowing When, Where, How and Why.

If you’d like to learn Where and How, click here to learn more.

Johnny Mitchell