Changing Barra Spots

Change spots, or change lures? Or both?
One of the greatest things about fishing is its ability to level any angler; a ground floor knockout.
Fish are moody, fickle and sometimes stubborn, stubborn because they won’t do what we want them to, lol.

They’re capable of completely ignoring lures, in salt or fresh. Cast, cast, cast, swap lures, change techniques, repeat. Time begins to show trends and anglers can find themselves hours into a fishing session staring at a sonar screen on a freshwater lake looking at 100 odd fish and saying WTF!

Imagine you’ve changed lures, tried different cast angles, depth and a whole lot more………and still nothing. A few boats head home, there’s no yahoooing, no splashing, no camera flashes….no stories, nothing.

It’s easy to exhaust technique options while still wondering why they won’t bite.
20 years ago I was one of those people wondering why action wasn’t happening. I’d go home simply because the barra weren’t biting…but these days I simply put down the rod and think about why it’s not happening.

That’s the easy part, knowing why it won’t happen. The trade skill sits in decision making, understanding why they won’t eat and recognising what needs to be done.

And it’s not as simple as you think, sometimes it takes a location change and results come. Other times it’s a double whammy affect where both changing location and lure type contributes to cracking the code.

I sat in the boat on Awoonga recently and discussed what options existed. The reason the fish not biting was obvious yet it would take some serious thinking to fix it. Knowing this and staying in that part of the lake for hours like many others did was going to lead to a donut.

Learning this stuff over a decade ago changed my fishing life forever, it literally let’s you create the best possible scenario every time and selecting a lure to finish the job is the nail in the coffin.

It’s easy to go home and say they aren’t biting. Now it’s as simple as knowing why a portion of waterway isn’t going to produce feeding fish, starting the motor and driving away. Yes, driving away from 100 barra, that won’t feed. But in this case driving away from 100 barra to find less fish in a set of parameters where they are catchable……and that’s what happened, they were caught as per the plan.

In this case it was ‘change locations’ and ‘change lures’, not guesswork but a higher level of calculation that needs to be known well, to apply.

Tournament fisherman have to concentrate with this content, it’s beyond the majority but a high level trade being learnt by super keen fisherman.