Masterclass ‘Professional’ – Unlock Your Potential


  • If you're serious about refining skills, this overnight expedition powers masterclass to the next level.

As if thousands of new barra catches, PB’s and 34 wild fish over 120 cm long weren’t enough, Masterclass anglers utilising skills from the Saltwater Barra Masterclass Seminar prompted Johnny Mitchell for more; hungry for expansion on the refined art of barra fishing. Some anglers have an insatiable urge to master every aspect of their fishing game; from mental, spiritual, analytical, tactical, and everything in between.

Johnny worked closely with low-key tournament anglers over 10 years ago, assisting two teenagers in a five-year-in-a-row tournament blitz using skills and knowledge to stand-alone, unmatched on the podium.

Since the release of Masterclass there have been new tournament wins and close seconds for relatively unknown anglers taking this knowledge and mixing it with intelligence and strong passion.

There are no limits, only boundaries that can be removed. It’s this kind of thinking taking anglers to greater heights.

‘Masterclass Professional’ is an overnight camp-out where anglers ‘connect’ with the wild world, exploring, fishing and practising the micro-skills that turn one fish into ten. Technique, forethought, recognising negative human habits, reading conditions, fully explaining every thought, detail, decision and action made during the expedition.

This direct and personal experience brings masterclass to life with value-added refinement to help unlock your fishing potential.

The charter is available only to anglers having completed the Saltwater Barra Masterclass Seminar and have the raging fire within……

36 to 40 Hour Overnight Package

  • Meals
  • Drinks
  • Lures
  • Tackle
  • All you need is a swag


  • 1 people - $1950.00 per person
  • 2 people - $1750.00 per person

Client Testimonials

  • Tournament Angler - QLD

    "Masterclass is beyond words, let alone spending two days with the creator. My results tripled after the seminar, then results near doubled after doing Masterclass Professional. You don't realise how Johnny fishes until you watch him and listen- his craft is limitless."

    - Tournament Angler - QLD
  • Barra Addict - QLD

    "He points at things and you almost disbelieve until you cast and get the bite. When he says you become a different hunter, you enter a zone never contemplated. This stuff is off the rails and changes everything......"

    - Barra Addict - QLD