Mud Crab Campout

Bush, Sea, Silence, Learning.

Spend time through Johnny’s eyes!

  • Looking to connect with earth? Try our bush campout and hit a different level in learning.

For Masterclass Anglers Only

Our Masterclass trained anglers love earthy learning! A bush shack, smokey fire, no radio, quiet times.

Bush walks, mangrove walks, sleeping open-aired, away from four walled city rooms.

Basic living really hits home.

Sit quietly, listen, tune in, sharpen senses and become mindful to the patterns and cycles of the wild world. No beer, no distractions, no fishing rods, just unity with something powerful – Earth.

Explore mangrove estuaries by dinghy, check crab pots on a commercial scale, be set free on a solo beach walk, learn about the weather and her daily changes.

Overnight stay, slow down, sleep, rest, camp cook- discover the power of reconnection and awareness.

Masterclass anglers know too well the power within..

Another extension to the Masterclass World.

Overnight Package

  • Meals provided
  • Bring a swag and a hat
  • Fullstop


  • 1 people - $950.00 per person
  • 2 people - 750.00 per person
  • people -

Client Testimonials

  • I've been there, the isolation really helps things connect, joining dots. Watching the weather and having Johnny describe the particulars is valuable enough, but the whole quiet thing is precious on its own. Loved the mudcrabbing, everything he does is a science. Masterclass people know the value...

    - Robbie O'Brien
  • An overnight trip, fishing stories and a lot of crab pots, well I got that, but also experienced an insight to another world of next level awareness. That trip has changed the way I've been looking at everything, all over again.

    - Jason G.