Spanish Mackerel Charters


  • If you want a unique experience and keen to tangle with a large fish, this charter is for you.

Trolling rigged baits up to four kilograms and high speed cast and retrieve lure fishing tactics are employed to entice strikes.

Commonly captured with Johnny in the 15 to 30 kilo range big Spanish mackerel are exciting critters with long blistering runs, vicious head shakes and fight all the way to the boat.

A bag limit of three fish per person exists, with a maximum of four to six fish to be taken on charter- the guide’s recommendation. One 15 kilo fish returns a significant amount of fresh fillet.

Releasing Spanish mackerel isn’t recommended by the guide. Taking a few Spanish for the table is the idea as well as enjoying the experience and learning about yet another coastal and migratory species of both recreational and commercial value. Johnny has a top selling DVD called ‘The Spanish Mackerel’ which is available through this website. Learn how to catch them and witness fish over 44 kilograms being landed on camera.

* Spanish mackerel are great eating; a popular fish countrywide at fish ‘n’ chip shops and retail outlets.

‘Episode 1’ – Hunting a 40 kilo Spanish – click here

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6-7 Hour Package

  • Lunch
  • Drinks
  • Snacks
  • Troll baits
  • Lures
  • All tackle supplied


  • 2 people - $525.00 per person
  • 3 people - $450.00 per person
  • 4 people - $400.00 per person

Client Testimonials

  • The Millard Family

    Our family were lucky enough to have a charter with Johnny. We have spent years on the water but a trip with Johnny was nothing like we'd ever experienced before. On the day, the weather conditions and water clarity were terrible and we weren't expecting much. His knowledge is beyond words, first my son caught an 18 kg Spanish, and school mackerel, then to top it off Johnny did something I've never heard anybody do before with a trolled bait to hook my wife onto a whopping 37+ Kg, 175cm mac. This is a day our family will never forget, thank you so much Johnny.

    - The Millard Family
  • Anthony Cobb

    I had been wanting to fish with Johnny for years, watching his DVDs, looking at the endless photos of quality fish and exploring his website, always being left with a massive grin. When my family organised to chase Spanish Mackerel with him for my 18th, I was ecstatic! On the morning of the charter, the nerves kicked in, similar to the moments before running out to play a grand final, as the infamous Queenslander slipped off the trailer. Whilst you can't guarantee winning a final, you can near guarantee success with Johnny. His attention to detail, professionalism and preparation is unparalleled, ensuring every bait swims straight, tackle and boat are in pristine condition and ready for when fish are located and strikes enticed. His effort and clear-cut understanding converted to near instant results with the first hook up occurring within minutes of setting the first bait. Similar events and encounters continued for several hours as he predicted bites and even counted down to a hook up! The last fish was like the eighth win in a row for Queensland, landing a (34.1kilo) 75-pound mackerel, converting a large trolled bait into a whopping fish! I was left in awe of the fish, as well as Johnny's knowledge. His supreme ability to educate anglers and provide the lifelong learnings and memories is very admirable - awesome! I look forward to now implementing his teachings into my fishing, after possibly the best 18th birthday present ever.

    - Anthony Cobb