Choosing A Fishing Partner

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Do you fish alone or within a social network?

Who you fish with could be helping or hindering your personal development. In fact who you surround yourself with will influence your future pathway.
Remember those horror days where the bloke you fished with never shut up, was noisy, clumbsy, moody, unrefined and chucked darkies at the smallest of things? You wish the day would hurry up and end so you can return to the couch and ponder WTF that fishless life experience was all about and how to avoid it happening again.

Outside of this are serious anglers with goals and visions. They want to reach these goals and will do what it takes to get there doing the hard yards.

Somewhere in the middle sits social fishing where fishing is the central topic for good times with good people, a common and rewarding occurrence – social interaction. We should respect ‘fishing‘ means different things to everyone.
Finding an angler with the same goals isn’t always easy, let alone one with the same ideals and abilities. Sometimes doing it solo is the answer, focused and driven to the end. This is by far my favourite! BTW, there is no end, learning is a life-long pursuit….once you start you can’t stop.

A trustworthy fishing partner is even harder to find, one you can confide and communicate on the level needed to progress as individuals.
Good fishing buddies use each other as sounding boards, bouncing ideas back and forth until they better understand the topic.
The risk there is having your hard earned solo hours and knowledge shared publicly, so choose very carefully- it’s easy to lose out if the balance isn’t equal. Best not share your best information, if you wish to keep it under control. Some key snippets take 10,000 hours, decades and $50,000 in spend to learn, but the info isn’t valued the same by someone who hasn’t invested the emotion and effort.

You can still have incredible inspiring relationships with anglers without delving beyond the respect boundary. These types of relationships are healthy and self driving, where each angler’s experience motivates the other in a forward direction. If your ideas are being laughed at, you’re in the wrong crowd.
Growth, encouraging anglers to blossom is a good feeling, there’s nothing worse and no room in a keen angler’s life for negative people, envy or jealousy. Side step it and continue on with your journey. Only positive vibe will take you forward and experience will steer you accordingly. When you reach a certain or stagnent level in fishing you may wish to progress beyond that current level and to do so will have to step out of the safety net and walk alone until you find the pathway leading to the next phase.
Being stuck in a rut where a social beer guzzling trip was your thing, but now find yourself wanting to fly is an indicator you may have to choose new fishing friends or take the solo track. Often, the best development in any subject is when you leave the flock and walk alone, but always remember, you’re not alone, meeting many more people on the same life path of self development, with positive energy and a bucket full of inspiration.

When the campfire is lit with conversations once dreamt about, you’ll realise it’s one of the best personal decisions ever made.

Johnny Mitchell

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