Cool Winters

This winter is shaping up to perhaps be a cool one. Temps have fallen to below zero with frosts in parts of Qld that rarely see them.
S and SW winds are responsible for cooler conditions, the air blowing up from Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.
Areas open to this wind will be cooled, barra may simply shift to better locations to avoid being belted by the affects of the air.
Take this into consideration when searching for barra as your favourite Summer/Autumn spot may now be a fishless desert.

Many land animals aren’t keen on Antarctic blasts either, neither are humans although we’ve softened and changed habits, turning away from survival thoughts and more toward comfort. For barra it’s survival, and to endure a cold winter they’ll happily swim as far as needed to find a peaceful rest area.

Rocky’s town reaches of the Fitzroy have a bath tub affect, where the barrage stops the free flow of water, slowing and reverse circulating the flow. The river warms steadily each day as it’s mostly out of the wind.

Seasons last about four months, so that’s four main times a year where a distinct change in conditions occur and the fish maybe moving to suit.
Every season has unique weather patterns and common wind directions. Take note of how the wind blows during the progression of a weather cycle each week.
Mark it on your calendar, remember Masterclass is about forming or recognising  patterns, so if you’re not doing this, perhaps you should.

Johnny Mitchell