Crazy Barra Stats

Crazy Barra Stats

A glimpse into the effectiveness of wild training programmes.

The exciting measurable in my opinion is not the crazy scoreboard numbers but the internal glow of people connecting; how they feel from understanding, feeding their passion and growing through life. The smile, that true smile driven from deep within.

I’m sure you know the one where you can’t stop staring at someone because they’re buzzing true, running on something good.

We see this daily, clients communicating their discoveries and vibe through feeling connected. It’s hard to ignore the power behind it.

On a numbers scale, a truck load of impressive stats stand clear in saltwater and freshwater barra competitions.

6570% of barra competitions are won by clients.

Another 1st place victory happened this weekend, 11th December 2021 with Peter Laine showing the way with a MTA grand final team victory.

Stats stretch into pages, but here’s a short description.

ABT – (freshwater lakes) Dozens of 1sts and 2nds, including competition and lake records.

Rocky Barra Bounty – (saltwater) multiple 1sts and 2nds, including seven outta 10 teams finishing in the top 10 places. Two of the last three RBB were won by trained teams.

Barrabasstastic – (freshwater lakes) 1st and 2nds.

Fitzroy Barra Bash – (saltwater) 2nds and record sized bags.

Women’s Barra Comps – (saltwater) 1sts and 2nds.

MTA – (freshwater) common 1sts and 2nds, with a grand final win this month.

I worked with young twins 15 years ago that blew the field apart with a five year straight ABT tournament blitz. The difference and clear cut advantage sits in knowldege, process and application.

Clients in saltwater, in their personal lives. The number of saltwater barra over 1200mm caught via this strategic process sits at 82 fish.

Client smiles – truckloads !

Is this stuff leading the way? Yes.
Is it available and easy to follow via a progressive format? Yes
Are you missing out on crazy detail? Yes
Wanna learn more? Yes?

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