Dealing with Change 2020

Life happens, including things beyond our control. Dealing with abrupt change isn’t easy, yet here’s a few things to consider if staying home during this next phase of life.

Without dwelling on the situation, let’s come to grips with the world health crisis. At some point we have to accept it, that means leaving the denial phase, stepping out of the blur and owning the situation. It is what it is!

Some people haven’t felt change at this point and their lives continue as normal, yet over a million Aussies lost their jobs in just one day last week….. a huge portion of the population are now home bound, time unknown, reasons obvious…

Those still working are limited in movement once returning home, those stuck at home will endure a big chunk of home time…

How we use that time will sculpt our future….

Time can be used two ways- wasted negatively fighting the situation or focused positively. Being positive leads to constructive outcomes. It’s a perfect time for many to rest, catching up on valuable sleep to refresh, but there are a few traps. 🤞
Sitting on a couch all day can make people lethargic and tired, even lazy. 😑

Remaining active helps stimulate the brain and body, so try plan exercise into daily activity. Literally thousands of videos are available online to help with home exercise using bodyweight alone, yet all that’s needed is a creative mind, we don’t need access to the internet for this. Just start, make it up- running on the spot, dancing, push ups, squats, lift buckets of water, be creative ! Many households have a small weight laying around- lift it. 🙂

Exercise makes us feel better, try daily workouts….even short ones. Crank your favourite songs on and get moving, drink plenty of water and yes, sweat! Exercise will also help with sleep patterns.

There has probably never been a better time in life to learn about yourself by slowing down and breathing quietly, even try meditation or yoga, open the key senses – sight, sound, smell, taste, touch. 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️

Many exisiting businesses and life goals are on hold, so that pause allows new short term goals to be established. We have to face the front and move forward…..

Setting new goals helps provide purpose and direction.

Put music on and create the background atmosphere of choice, something uplifting or calming.

Creating routine at home can help.

Wake up, drink water, listen outside for the birds, sit in the morning sunbeam and take time to enjoy self presence and be quiet in the moment.
Breakfast, coffee, relaxation….

Open curtains and blinds, fill the house with light so it feels warm and bursting with life. Fans on, blow stale air out, let fresh air in when possible.

Avoid overscrolling and engaging doom and gloom social media and news stories. People will vent and deal with pressures their own way, we see it daily online. Many are struggling to accept change, fighting themselves and others online through frustration. Avoid this practice, breathe and go do something else for self or family. Take notice, yet keep the mind balance well-positive. 🙏

Given we will be spending time indoors it’s easy to change the feel of the home numerous times a day so it has a different vibe, feeling or energy.

People aren’t always aware how the surrounding environment affects their mood or mind.

A dark room or dark walls can be brightened by opening curtains or if there’s paint in the shed, paint one wall a different colour or paint half of it. 😊 Fresh is new! Cover a wall in pictures, posters, add plants or simply change the room layout if feeling bored. Swap stuff around ! 🙂

Indoor plants develop quickly, new shoots are a sign of growth and finding these puts our mind in a good place. Water them and admire their ability to survive and thrive! We must do the same.

Remember to be kind to everyone in the household and help everyone including friends online stay positive and working toward small personal goals. We don’t need money to work on basic goals.

Use the entire space on a property, sit in the back corner of the yard and look back at the house. Using all the space will make it feel new and reduce the chance of boredom.

Laugh, set time aside to tell Dad jokes, even share more stories with partners, kids or housemates. Get to know each other more, without judgement.

Try a backyard picnic or make a cuppa outside, even camping in the backyard for shits and giggles. Why not?

Set time each day to work on a small project. Fisherman could clean or service equipment, wash lures, sharpen hooks, tidy the garden, yard. Look after your gear so it’s ready for the future.

A family man could entertain children by looking for a certain type of bird each day then identifying the species in an old book or internet, if available.

Dead set there’s a heap of birds outside most windows, types most people wouldn’t know a thing about. You may learn new things, and growth believe it or not is part of the cycle if life. Try identify 20 bird types, write a list, get to know your backyard.

For Mums and children- the number of insects, moths and butterflies moving about at present is astounding.

A great time filler for kids. Count, photograph, draw, read about them!

These were outside this morning, cool colours !

In fact the backyard offers so much. Reconnect with Nature, an incredible and free therapy.

Fill the bird bath with water, add seeds to a feeder and let wild birds find the backyard safe haven. They’ll bring a beautiful energy, colour and song into your life! 🕊🦜

Meeting the sun as it rises each day is a beautiful thing. Out of interest the sun doesn’t rise, it’s the earth that spins making it seem that way, approximately every 24hrs. Once a day photograph sunrise, build an album.

Turn the sprinkler on and catch the light illuminating the water droplets. Show off your inner creativity. The backyard is a fulfilling place providing personal satisfaction because it’s real. Give the internet a break!

I’ll be working on written and video projects for the months ahead having set new goals already.

New daily, weekly, three month and six month goals have been made.

Staying fit will be part of my daily/weekly goals along with doing small daily tasks like gardening, sitting, keeping the mind active with beautiful thoughts, maintaining a healthy diet, keeping routine (coffee at dawn with the birds), working on business content a few hours each day, watching a movie series, connecting with friends…..and cleaning the shed! 😑 ikk!
People often say we don’t have time for stuff “Well, umm…no excuse now hey!”

Document things. If finding stuff you don’t know the answer to make it a daily task to try find that answer. Getting bored shouldn’t happen, we simply need to stimulate ourselves to act.

Change is inevitable, it happens in our daily lives over time. It just happens, simple as that. Fast changes happen also. The trick is not to resist but to acknowledge and accept, then spend our time wisely in a positive, constructive way. Don’t dwell on change, move forward quickly!

A word of warning, time can be used negatively in a destructive way, undermining mental health and damaging close relationships one day at a time.

Do self checks!

Be aware of this. It’s ok to lose it at times, but identify what triggered the snap and dig a little deeper to what is hurting inside, then talk about it with self or family, lovingly and without ridicule. Find a solution or a way to manage problems. Spend energy on solutions, it’s bloody efficient!

Strength comes from knowing self, awareness and dealing with things smoothly, especially change.

Regain control.

This is a time in life to become better at being us to lead and get through the months ahead. Others will depend on your leadership, it’s time to step up!

Change happens, the sooner we accept it the sooner we work on mind, body and environment.

A healthy, clean, positive environment keeps the mind in a better place and a positive mind helps exercise the body. A healthy body makes the mind smile and it’s more fun cleaning and staying organised when happy. All three feed each other and that’s a pretty important starting point to help get us all through.

Healthy Mind (positive)
Healthy Body (active)
Healthy Environment (clean and tidy)

I’ll be ok through the time ahead because of acceptance and using energy wisely, will be giving time where possible to assist others and it’s encouraged you do the same to atleast check on a bro or chick down the road.

We will need each other in the healthiest form of mind, body and soul. The sooner we re-adjust life to the script our energy will serve us in a better way…….and before long better times will be upon us. 🤞

Please yell out if needing to talk.

Johnny Mitchell