Do You Nail This?

Something woke me around 0330am. Was it the drop in temperature, incoming fog, or perhaps both? I grabbed the blanket and rolled in tight. Sleep was on the cards as the day’s plan was a BIG one.

Spanish mackerel were the target this morning, a pig before lunch time and barramundi in Awoonga during the afternoon.

Three species, miles apart and certainly achievable.

The wind would blow Southwesterly at dawn, a perfect wind for Spanish as it would drop out to nothing through the morning, nice and calm.

The land temperature would then climb from the heat of the sun rays on a cloudless day.

The warming earth would shift pigs that were in hiding during the morning cold and timing with earth’s cycles would see boars and myself at a tiny waterhole at the same time.

But! There is always a but!

There would be a wind shift and increase from the Northeast around lunch time as the convection would take over ruining any chance of getting in close. My scent would carry with the NE sea breeze and the pig’s sense of smell is next level.

Barra on the lake would be ready to chew mid-afternoon, but only when the wind turned NE pushing warmth, sharing an energy transfer to the shoreline.

How would one predict multiple wind changes in a day?

By learning how it works!

Fishing, hunting and many other activities hinge off weather influence.
Planning and sneaky knowledge magnifies possibility.

What can be done in a day?

Quite a lot when we know what the weather is going to do.

Livio tells us good stuff on TV, yet when learning how it works we are far more in control of outcomes. To put it in perspective the day could have been planned differently.

A walk looking for pigs early wouldn’t have provided a result as they would be bedded down on this lunar phase and cool conditions.

Barra fishing at midday on a glassy winter lake would have fallen short of suitable and mackerel fishing that afternoon may or may not have been successful. 50/50 is a straight gamble.

What I’m saying here it’s easy to get stuff back to front and bomb out and catch Jack sh!t on a weekend simply from not knowing how the weather works.

How do I know what works and what doesn’t?

I’ve failed, bombed out and got it all wrong many times in the last 30 years, but have also seen the right combinations and nailed my trade to the minute.

What we cannot do is nail a plan without predicting weather to a fair level of accuracy.

Many anglers return home explaining what the wind did through the day – AFTER THE EVENT.

Many don’t even know what direction it blew!  (low level awareness) 👀

The trade concept is to learn weather and have strong reasoning and ability to predict BEFORE THE EVENT.

Watching weather is a doorway to nature.

Observing keeps wildlife and earth’s secrets in the front of our mind. For a fisherman or hunter this is where she lets go of her most beneficial lessons.

Hunting a rogue boar is way beyond just getting lucky. A thermal inversion holds a key regarding wind drift to locate a large loner.

Switched on hunters don’t just drive roads with dogs leaning out the tray.
Specific weather conditions change air density which magnifies vehicle sound. That rogue boar hears the vehicle and is gone time and time again. It gets better though, hearing about inversion in a classroom shares more detail about animals.

All outdoor people benefit from learning weather.

Other prime examples of weather knowledge are those days when forecasts are middling and friends head offshore returning home by midday cursing shitty seas and uncomfort. 10 to 12 knot winds only, yet discovering wind blowing against a big outgoing tide making the sea rough like a washing machine and fish not wanting to play the game.

Yet on that same day heading to Awoonga would have been ideal as there’s no outgoing tide to wreak havoc against the wind.

Weather knowledge is more powerful than you may think.

Having low to basic understanding on the weather will end in disaster more than it will be successful.

Weather clicks into nearly everything.

If wanting to explode in your trade or hobby the weather element is an exciting ladder to climb, especially if wanting to catch more fish, hunt more critters or time family outings perfectly.

Think about this one.

* Heading to the beach to fly a kite with your children only to watch the wind drop out when hopping out of the car. A missed opportunity that can be avoided.

* Or setting up for a BBQ at the beach to have a strong sea breeze kick in and blow stuff everywhere.

People won’t know what they can do with weather knowledge until they have it.

Book seats here for the Weather Seminar and power your game to the next level.

Weather knowledge is critical with barramundi fishing.

Once understanding weather influence only then can we see the effects it has on a barramundi’s watery home. ….and only then ready to leap into the depths of advanced fishing strategies.

Invest in weather knowledge- it’s fun and sharpens sensory awareness.

Looking for something else from life? Feeling disconnected or dazzled?