FAQ – The Leopard Trail

‘The Leopard Trail’

What is it?

The ULTIMATE way to learn about fish and the wild.

What does it do?

It will wake and shake your insides to help get the most out fishing and life.

Why five levels?

Because one is not enough. Each level prepares you for the next.

Is it about fishing?

Most definitely. This is probably the most mind blowing fishing content you will ever learn.

Can I start anywhere?

No, however you can start at Level 2 and begin the journey.

Can I do Level 3 without doing Level 2?


The progressive format requires some levels below to be complete, because the lessons get more intense as the journey climbs.

Level 2 is a great place to start.

Is it training courses or a written story like a book?

Both, all part of the one package.

For each training level complete clients get access to the corresponding level of the written story.


When finishing Level 2 seminars clients get access to Level 2 chapters of the written story.

What is the story about?

It’s about three wild characters and the deep instinctual and sometimes naughty stuff they do. The storyline puts the seminar lessons into real life situations to amplify the learnings into something quite spectacular.

Why is it called ‘The Leopard Trail’?

The five levels of learning are about understanding the WILD! The five learning levels are modelled off Africa’s most ultimate hunting machine, the leopard.

What if I just really want to learn about barra?

Do Level 2 and Level 3. That will be the biggest barra sandwich you’ll ever eat. You can jump off the trail after that, but will still learn about Zuri the Leopard in those levels and get to read about her and other cool stuff. I’m confident you won’t want to jump off the trail…..the story and trail will leave you wanting more.

What’s so special about Level 5?

Level 5 is the most epic stuff to ever learn. I don’t know anyone ready for Level 5 just yet and this is the reason for a five level approach.

Why isn’t it online?

To teach about the wild one must change direction from their domestic lifestyle and journey along ‘The Leopard Trail’.

This stuff needs to be lived in-person and it will be easy to see why once you start.

Who is ‘The Leopard Trail’ suitable for?

18+ male or female.

It’s an easy format. Beginners can start at level 1, and everyone else at Level 2.

Is it suitable for experienced anglers?

Yes, for everyone.

So far, everybody is learning in level 2. Level 2 is where the micro-detail starts. Level 3 makes all experienced fisherman stop in their tracks and start thinking. It tests everyone.

How many wild saltwater 1200mm+ barra get caught by your trainees?

So far 78 have been caught.

Is that spectacular?

Fu€£k yes!

Why so many 1200s?

Because Level 3 stuff is deadly. The best part about it, this is not something to click on to the side of your boat to catch big fish. There’s no technology to match this. This is an entire change from the domestic world to hunting like a wild beast.

Why the hell do I want to turn into a wild beast lol?

You already are a wild beast, most people forgot about that. When we unlock our inner animal we can do some incredible things.

So do we need to change direction?

Yup, 180 degrees.

How often are seminars run?

Every month, check the ‘Upcoming Seminar Dates’ post on the Homepage.

Can I do ‘The Leopard Trail’ in a short time?

Level 2 and Level 3 can be done within a month. My suggestion is anglers take atleast six months to adapt to the new methods. You will know when ready for Level 4.

Take your time and get this stuff right, it will be one of the best things you do in life…..taking ‘The Leopard Trail.’

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Johnny Mitchell