February GIANTS

February Giants

60 odd days until barra season opens, that’ll sneak up fast.
If fishers are law abiding and leaving barra in peace through the spawn period they should be well rested by February- the fish!

Three months lure free, that isn’t a bad thing for coastal fish that get peppered by hundreds of casts a weekend.
Think about the release of pressure, edgy fish relax a little and begin to

forget negative associations with boats and lures.

What am I saying here?

There’s a huge advantage in targeting XOS fish in February where for once the angler holds a pretty good advantage- the fish haven’t seen lures for over 90 days.

Find where they hang out, or apply Masterclass knowledge over a map to narrow the search to 100 x 100m pieces of water, then finish off the search by sounding. Big chunky 1200mm bazzas dont live just anywhere, they’re aging fish, likely at least 10 years old, probably 12 to 15+. They’re veterans, utilising different water types than smaller 90-100cm fish.

We teach that in the seminar, in fact I can teach you how to read the Aussie bush, (the lay of the land) and just by staring into the grass, trees and undergrowth can then circle an area on a map where 1200mm fish are more likely to hang out.

Clients are using this skill- it’s powerful as it can be applied anywhere in Australia, and it works, it just might sound like crap until explained in depth.
I use the skill, it takes me straight to big fish water even if never been to that location before.

Back to the Giants!

February is also flood season, cyclone season with unpredictability. Floods bring food. In that 90 day closure they feel less pressured and consume heaps of tucker. The water often dirtier, warm, fish in a pinnacle period of life. Throw prawns into the story and estuaries are a smorgasbord on a conveyor belt.

Once the season opens, your lure could get hoovered without a second thought as the undisturbed feeding process has been well rehearsed for months.

This is a key time to target a 1200.
Ignore the 80’s and 90’s and 100’s, isolate a whopper and give it a proper go.
Take the moment and utilise the hunting advantage, why wait a month later when the fish have been peppered and wake up to the intruding game of lure fishing.

Hunters wait for the right moment to make a kill, utilising as many advantages as possible, this process used during our years of guided barra charters.

Connecting clients to XOS whoppers in creeks and rivers isn’t about luck, it’s all in the execution and application of decades of fine-lined observations.

THERE IS A PERFECT TIME, predict it, be there, then make it happen.

Johnny Mitchell

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