First Cast Barra, Minutes, Seconds and Millimetres

Positioned to cast, the mind settled into a good zone; hardbody lure hanging quietly from the rod tip. What lead the angler to this spot, why now, and why that lure choice? No sounder, no electric motor, just a basic alloy dinghy with galvanised anchor.

The first cast was sent sailing, about 30m away. Twelve winds into the retrieve the lure was crunched, (like waking a wild beast) where a 1200 – 1300 class barra erupted across the top then screamed down the channel. The intense run under firm drag scorched fingers while trying to stop the fish rounding the sharp creek bend. That didn’t work, this one was evil. By now drag pressure was released to avoid chafe against mangroves…. and the chase by boat was on. Unfortunately the lure pulled free marking a disappointing end to Johnny’s ultimate goal of landing a ‘First Cast 1200+.’

“This 1270 was predicted from home, to under 10 seconds- to the cast, but not to the first cast of the day. That’s my goal, to nail the holy grail 1200+ salty in just one cast.” Johnny Mitchell

Let’s go back, what on earth has an angler processed to predict 1200 mm+ wild barra right down to just one cast? Some anglers are still hunting their first metre barra let alone refining the game to try master a “First Cast 1200.”

Here’s the thing, click through to read an intriguing article about first cast big barra and the world of Johnny Mitchell’s Masterclass. This stuff is beyond many, but he’s training keen anglers turning the hungry ones into lethal fisherman. If you haven’t heard about how this all works, this is your time to enter the mind of Mitchell. You won’t be disappointed if hungry for barra success.

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Under a floppy hat and no shoes there’s a capable bloke with a detailed memory. Ask him to remember an order at the bar and that’s a different story but it’s been written before in magazine print “his brain is like a human super-computer”, remembering countless combinations of variables where fish have been captured, then processing them into usable systems, strategies and micro description.

Many say he thinks like no one else, but to Johnny Mitchell it’s just normal.
Normal to sit at home and run daily mental data scripts on previous weather events, tides, animal behaviours, incoming weather events, water clarities, seasons, wind directions, moon phases, solar events, celestial equinoxes and who knows what else… “He’s out there.”

The end result is a mental printout of fishing spots and what likely happened at each during every hour window of the day……day after day….
He won’t fish spot X if instinct says those fish fed actively just hours earlier. Instead he envisages the mega combination of variables that come together equaling hungry fish, right down to the last piece of the puzzle activating the fish to eat…….and he’s there before it happens, (sometimes just minutes, even seconds) and it’s his lure being preyed upon.

Interested in learning one second skills? This barra was caught by knowing how they operate, to the second – caught by using a mere one second window where lure placement and timing was paramount. Johnny left the location immediately after the capture as that spot was only going to fire for one second. True, filmed, shown and explained in the seminar. He moved on to catch barra elsewhere through ultra high level awareness, knowing what’s going on. Some say he talks in riddles, to the unaware outsider it will always remain cryptic because of its depth. Closed minds block out the good stuff, blind to the amazing world of intricate detail that sits before them. We extend that invitation to step inside the room and let the content change your life.  “I want you to see this stuff, in saltwater or freshwater barra lakes!” Johnny Mitchell

“The bird audio from a nearby hill told me to shift ( but it’s what made the birds change call that meant the most) and I simply knew from decades of experience that a bite in a particular part of Lake Awoonga was ready to start. All it needed was the right lure selection to finish the equation- it took 20 seconds and one cast, all caught on film.” Johnny Mitchell

Students call it ‘building your own fish tank’ where the design is to spec, not left to chance.
Before casting a lure over 200 points have been processed and this is what he teaches through Masterclass. Don’t assume, as critical things pop up in the seminar most anglers never consider.

Check out his Instagram barra catches from any day of the week; is he a freak or is this well studied intelligence played out in usable context?

Picture this, imagine heading to a river knowing fish are going to feed, right down to the minute and then using that short window to catch. To do this one has to know what building blocks and triggers- and there are many, (physical or natural) creating the short windows. It’s not one thing and never can be, it’s a multi-level science anglers really need to learn.

Johnny Mitchell does not cast for hours on end, his art is timed, some sessions having just a handful of casts to nail results. He’ll explain why it’s time to leave a spot and what must be created to continue catching at the next stop.
Try not to assume, just let Masterclass show the pathway.

Often anglers throw up their own blocking card, “Yea, but I can’t go fishing during the prime times due to home and work commitments!”

Masterclass teaches how to build prime times, outside of what others call prime times. Trust the system, there are prime times happening every hour of the day once being taught how to ‘see’.

365 days a year, every tide, all lunar positions, all seasons, every wind direction, every hour of the day there is an open window for a 100cm barra.

99% of anglers would have driven away without a bite, because without knowing the strategy an angler cannot see the problem. The entire Masterclass way is a problem and solution process. Step beyond the problems to be the angler finishing the equation.

The pathway leads to an angler standing like a statue, solo, entering a zone where everything hinges off this next cast, like an archer with just one arrow, motionless, aware and tuned to the environment. That arrow is fired only when certain of a kill shot. Planned, visualized, refined, then well executed. This level of hunting comes from knowing-

Know Your Environment
Know Your Animal
Know Your Equipment
Know Yourself

The word guess or hope isn’t part of the story.
It’s the art of prediction, changing your mind and heading to another river system or river arm based on solid reasoning, not heading to a spot because you like it or Joe Bloggs caught fish there yesterday.
Barra don’t just feed because they’re hungry, they don’t just strike your lure because they can, they’re actually controlled by significant environmental variation, right down to micro-micro-micro-detail.
Not only are hot bite locations identified any hour of the day, but a mastermind process used to put pressured fish on deck, a style of hunting mindset where ‘less equals more.’

Masterclass clients experience the detail over time steadily growing their story. The best bit, it unfolds daily and every experience helps feed their revolving wheel of growth. Some lucky clients get to walk this pathway for another 50 years…and that is powerfully exciting.

People can walk into the seminar with a reasonable grip on barra, then walk out with a way different perception on fishing, life and Johnny Mitchell’s brain. Many feedback forms say it’s life changing.


Client Richard from NQ quotes –

“Masterclass opened my mind and eyes to the everyday events that happen, that we fail to see or take notice of.
It has taught me to make calculated decisions based on the micro details at hand, maximising them to the full potential. I’ve managed 120cm+ barra since taking the seminar, and I now know why it happened, because I lived it, processed and applied it in real-time.”

East coast barra anglers from QLD have won the last two Barra Nationals in the NT. A detailed chapter barra fishing in freshwater lakes ignited their tournament story immensely, alongside great saltwater experience. Combining the two, then applying that knowledge through detailed sonar work creates a strong combination. If the lake fishing chapters have been skipped – you’ve missed out.
Wind back the clock in QLD- teenage twins blitzed the tournament barra scene for half a decade straight, the Johnny Mitchell way providing a solid platform for the Taylor twins unanswered wins. They listened, applied and conquered empowering their abilities to another level.

Masterclass has now gone way beyond that level these days and is well-recognised behind the scenes. In skilled hands it’s dangerous content and proven through tournament wins against top barra names.

Masterclass comes from 30+ years barra fishing, commercial fishing, guiding, sniffing wild animals up close, watching, observing for any wacky pattern, and learning with a spooky, deep analytical approach.

(20 years in freshwater lakes, 30+ in the salt, strengthened by solo bush experience)

To catch is cool, but to catch and unearth WHY is next level. Gone are basic thoughts as each learning gets broken down into minutes, seconds and millimetres, to the point it becomes a different language. Guys taking the time to learn via ‘Masterclass’ change their language, their reporting, their mindset and the way they see and apply. The transformation is beautiful. They no longer talk about brand X rods, brand Y reels, brand Z lures. That stuff becomes a joke as they see and process what really matters.

Imagine sitting at home knowing a 1200mm+ beast is going to feed tomorrow, when and why, knowing the combination code?! Imagine knowing where this is likely to occur?!
Imagine standing there, rod in hand refining it down to the minute and even to the first cast? If this stuff really intrigues you, spend the money and learn the entire process. Be taught by a man that is light years ahead and alien to most. He’s catching wild metre barra near daily out of a boat without sonar, also fishing freshwater lakes in a $500 dinghy with no electronics catching fish in less time than most boats with TV screens hanging above the gunnel.

How and Why? Because, he’s picked up on the micro detail that powers the story and clicked it all together over 30 hard-worked years. He could trade in the tools but he wants you to learn this language and understand what it means to see and experience this amazing level of learning, because in Johnny Mitchell’s eyes this is only the beginning.

He says-

“The OMG WOW moments continue to change my life, this path just keeps giving and in the last two weeks I’ve learnt so much more, my knowledge on barra is just about to double, and that freaking scares me in a beautiful and powerful way!” JM (3/10/2019)

Life doesn’t always provide these opportunities, if you really want to know, click the link below and invest in your fishing future.

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