First Timers to Awoonga

Where the hell do you start?

You start by knowing the target fish is male, young and unpressured. Then moving to the fact they’re apex predator in the lake. Boss fish, “Do what they want when they want.”

They move in and up on dusk and out and down after dawn- as a basic rule.

From where you ask- from deeper water, to the shallower.

They eat anything, so a small box of divers, minnows and paddletails is perfect, about 120 to 150mm is fine.

Awoonga is weedy, the fish visit or can hang in, under and over the weed beds. Fish weedless or super shallow divers over the tops and everything else outside the edge of the weed.

Dirty water edges can be dynamite.

Find any spot and work it for 30 mins. Stay away from the target zone. Be quiet. Patient. Focus on technique.

Keep shifting until you find them. An afternoon from 2 til 6pm might produce just one chunk of action, at 5.30pm. Also monitor all other triggers and trigger times as red hot goodness can occur during any hour. I’d look at 1pm til dusk or 0500 am til 0800 am as starting points.

Change lure types, all barra can be moody pricks.

Leave trolling for others, masterclass anglers cast, because more skillsets can be applied.

Enjoy the ride, for it’s a rewarding journey to more barra knowledge.

Johnny Mitchell