Fish Faster Flow

If you’re having difficulty tempting cagey fish on lures, consider fishing areas with higher tidal flow.

It might still be neaps or early builds, yet the increased flow creates an urgency where barra don’t have the time to inspect or process a lure as in the blink of an eye it has washed past.

A 55lb electric on speed 7, 8 or 9 out of 10 holding a vessel stationary in the flow is the intensity being referred.

In higher flow rates, jig heads need to be heavier. 1 oz to 2.5 oz.

Fishing faster water is another way to fool tricky fish.

Of course bigger tides make the water dirty and the fish often wander on, but fishing a spot on say the first or second or third make might just trigger more urgency in feeding barra where upon they make the mistakes you’re hoping for. I find the same in winter, that extra flow forcing a lethargic predator to step up a notch.

The entire game is about fine tuning everything, technique, timing, accuracy………there’s little room for error and one error is too many.

Try align everything in your favour to force the advantage.

Johnny Mitchell