Fishing – Mental Health – Campfires

Some Serious Bloke Talk!


A way to unnnfukkkk yourself

Are you stuck in a rut?
Feeling off-centre?
Hatin’ on life?
Struggling with direction?

Turn to nature. Yea yea! We’ve all heard it before, getting back in touch with nature, bla bla bla!

How individuals interpret that relates to how open they are to nature.

Let’s face it, nearly everybody we ask in training programs puts their hand up when asked if they love a campfire.

People fu€kkking love fires!

It’s straightforward because it activates sight, sound, smell, taste, touch and a whole lot more psychological goodness – people feel alive…. not only that they are far away from their normal life.

Normal life is where mental health, anxiety and stress shows its head.
Meanwhile nature immersion and a campfire is not ‘normal life’, for most.

If people spend 90% of time in normal life attached to stress and less than 10% around a campfire feeling more alive it’s a no-brainer what’s going on.

Stress can lead to or magnify mental health issues, we know mental health is a BIG THING.

It can paralyze an Aussie male lounge chair bound or stuck behind a daily drinking habit, hatin’ or sitting in silence with a ffukkkk the world kind of attitude.

One of the biggest things to emerge through our training programs is the mental health benefits from learning how nature works.

We’re not just talking about bringing nature back into your life but actually showing people how it works and why things happen.

And about right here is where SOMETHING MASSIVE occurs.

A shift, a focus shift.

Instead of people focusing on life problems they get to see and understand how everyday in nature is different and realise the natural world is where they belong – animal.

We don’t belong in a four walled house where the front door is locked at night (jail) and we can’t see the horizon. ….and the smaller the room people spend time in they eventually crumble to spending more time in their head, shrinking and thinking about sh!t.

The change and shift we see in males after completing just one course at $249 is quite eye-opening, as it invites minds to expand again away from the trap of being stuck in one’s head.

Nature, something many had completely forgotten about and no longer understand is the place males re-learn how to connect.

There’s a big piece in this.

As they connect to the wild they further connect to themselves…..and the wheel starts rolling in a positive direction.

Sitting on a lounge chair and doing nothing about life problems hurts hard.
Guys making the conscious decision to do something in the form of learning can start the healing process and get their life back on a solid track.

I’ve seen clients shift from addictions to exponential growth, from hanging with wrong crowds to starting a business.  Have seen blokes go from lounge chair bound to becoming greater leaders for family and so on…..

In amongst all this they get to learn about nature and the hidden secrets that empower life.

I’m not trying to sell you something,  I’m here to show you something.

Johnny Mitchell

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