10 Quick Barra Tips

Hot tips help anglers, yet only when applied. Create a checklist to ensure all steps are included in the barra game. Here’s 10 quick considerations (in random order) I use every trip.

1. Sharp Shooting.

He/she who casts long with accuracy basically doubles chances immediately. The lure spends more time during the retrieve in the zone, a long way from the disturbance of the boat. 25m to 40m is worthy.

2. Prep

As boring as this sounds. KNOTS. Test the bloody things. Tie them, then literally try to break them. If knots can be broken or pull apart its not good enough. Refine knot skills until they’re bullet proof.

3. Stealth

There’s nothing worse than a herd of baby elephants on deck. Silence is how the ultimate predator operates. It’s great fun with mates having a few laughs yet if you want to step up the game bring the STEALTH word in.

4. Patience and Focus

Concentrate on the task, keep attention on the rod, reel, lure. Be fast to react to bites and turn them into hookups.

Patience helps considerably, believe in yourself, cast well, focus and be ready for the bite……..toooooooo many fish are missed because the angler’s mind wanders off to other random life subjects. Practice staying present in the moment.

5. Lure Swap

If it’s not working, change lures. Give it 10 to 15 casts and if nothing happens be comfortable in trying something different. Mix it up, that WILL put more barra on deck.

6. Forget Lure Hype

Being trendy won’t catch more fish, never forget about lure styles used 20 to 30 years ago. They still work, and can be killers.

7. Hard of Soft Lures

Split it pure 50/50!

If not using either equally it’s leaving big holes in the system. Fishless sessions can be fixed by using both types equally.

8. Attitude

Be hungry, attentive and positive. Always aim to catch one fish. Negativity, self-doubt and self-sabotage destroy so many anglers’ chances. Build yourself up, be supportive of self and others. Use good vibes to do GREAT things.

9. Sharp Hooks

Sharpen every hook on a stone so it’s needle sharp…..and watch your conversion rate climb.

10. Merge with the Environment

This could take years to understand yet try not to be alien to your environment. Connect with it because she holds all the answers. I did this for decades and decoded so much…..

Is there an area in your barra game needing attention?

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Johnny Mitchell