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 Sight Fishing Red Emperor in 7.8m – Using the Triggers and Formula

An Advanced Way To See The World

There’s a Giant Knowledge Gap in Australia  – the fishing standard falls well short

Are you the type of person that asks questions and wonders about stuff?

I’m the guy that has the answers

Spanish Mackerel on Rope and Wire – awesome fun

The answers people search for aren’t found where expected – learning accelerates when letting go of old thinking.

The coolest things happen when walking away from what we thought was right…..

Boar Hunting – with dogs

Skilled hunters use the multi-dimensional formula to pinpoint boars in micro-windows of time!

Pick a two-minute window – and nail a big boar. Identify the day, the hour, the minute – ahead of time

Those questions about WHY things happen, do have answers

Secrets in the Shack – the power of silence

One man cracked the codes on something incredible; by stepping away from domestic rules!

Remote living uncovered answers while society is distracted & disillusioned; living under the banner of noise and chaos

Johnny’s work is measurable beside some of the biggest names in the world

What we do is transform lives by leading people a fulfilling direction – down an entirely natural pathway exposing every answer you’re looking for

Helping people buzz like f*ck, smile, grow, get better, see cool stuff; that’s what makes me tick, providing men and women the chance to SEE this, use this and have a better life

 The Leopard Trail leads to Freak Level, leaving university degrees a long way behind

A world leading training program, right here in Australia – exclusive to just 250 seats

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