Why Most Good Anglers Will Never Catch a 1200mm+ Wild Barra

There are rules of the wild that cost animals their lives, and levels of learning used by people to succeed in both wild and suburban environments.

With the endless tips, methods and strategies available for people to become millionaires why isn’t every second, third or fourth person a millionaire?
Sounds odd right? Well, yea, but no!

Same with fishing, why hasn’t every second, third or fourth good angler caught a 1200mm wild barra? Many are still aiming to crack 100cm let alone the holy life grail of nailing one longer than the brag mat.

1200 mm+ wild saltwater barra, an animal elusive to 99% of people, yet also super predictable. The layers of knowledge in this ‘catch recipe’ are highly respected and remain a mystery to outsiders.

Here’s something cool. Statistically, one in three clients trained through my Masterclass crack the 1200+ goal. Not dam fish or freshwater, we’re talking wild saltwater beasty creatures of effing big proportions.

One in three! Can you feel that?

Johnny Mitchell’s training is the doorway to a way of life, a way of existence and way of animalistic connection. Without it most people are dog-paddling in a domestic format trying to figure out something wild. There’s the biggest problem- DOMESTICATION.

Most good, even well-known recreational anglers will never land a 1200 wild barra. Why? Because people have lost touch with their wild side, what it truly means to be wild and how to implement this to the bigger picture. There’s a huge void between the angler and an extraordinary fish.


I will say 99% of anglers do not know what makes large barra tick.

1200s are not what you think.

1200s aren’t just looking for food.

This stuff is deeply layered and nearly impossible to see.

Anglers can be so close yet so dam far at the same time. They can sound them up, cast at giant barra and go home wondering even with latest sonar tech pinging away like a spaceship. Yet the wondering only goes so far. What they cannot process is the things they do not know, the wild stuff; wild stuff about the animal, the environment, wild stuff about themselves. The wild information is as obvious as hell yet unseen by even highly-skilled anglers and guides. Blindness, blindness caused by domestic living.

This next Masterclass Barra Seminar in April will be the last of its kind, making way for the next chapters in life. That’s right I’m packing it up having shared it over the last few years.

This seminar is the doorway to enter an entirely new realm, a way of thinking, being and doing. It leaves everything for dead and puts you back on Nature’s pad and in significant control.

As humans become less-connected to the wild at some point it should be relabeled, ‘disconnected.’

That disconnect separates one from other. When separate we lose touch, understanding and fade away. No different to a humam/human relationship.

I strive to teach and help people re-connect with themselves, the environment and the animal/s they love to pursue. This deep bond forms over time and results skyrocket through re-establishing that wild connection.

67 wild fish averaging nearly 1250mm is the current tally for clients- quite extraordinary.

Masterclass clients are also dominating the barra tournament circuit. The label is not public knowledge, but the score data is crystal clear, in full view. Those that know who is who can see the swing in results and new names rising all the way to the top. (Saltwater and freshwater tournaments) The most recent tournament was again won by a Masterclass-powered team.

This level of learning and teaching is one-of-a-kind and the doorway to a greater human/earth connection.

This is the last chance to experience this head-blowing seminar, live in Gladstone, this April.

Last Chance, Come and Join In

“I’m 45 years old, been around wild animals as a job and passion for nearly four decades. Once upon a time an 80kg boar slept on my feet at night. I’ve spent many hours solo connected to the natural flow of energy in the wild. Have seen, felt and done things only possible by remaining highly aware and open to wild ways. These learnings are deeply layered, and powerful- something very few would unravel alone!”

Johnny Mitchell