Hooked or Not!?

Treble hooks on the lure. Sometimes there’s three sets of three. Nine hook points and it sometimes not enough to pin fish. Why?

Over the years it’s been mad cool watching catch rates fluctuate alongside various techniques.

Good lures, crap hook up rates.

Good lures, crap hooks.

Good lures, good hooks, good outcome.

When nailing the mix good and proper conversion rates skyrocket.

Most lures on the shelf have unsuitable hooks for serious barra fishing. (heavy tackle, 10-15kg fish)

To clarify this point catching 95- 110cm wild barra daily finds flaws in a lot of stuff. Metre fish aren’t rare, it’s norm.

One thing standing proud is hook size.

Each treble size hooks fish differently.

Apart from full inhalation bites, I found smaller sizes like Number 2 hooks do more of an external job or lip hooking (not as secure) while a Number 1 often bites in behind the jawbone. (solid)

The Number 1 also has a longer hook point and holds more flesh taking pressure away from the actual point.

The Number 2 has a shorter point and therefore more pressure applies to the point region- the result, bent hooks or hooks tearing out using heavy tactics.

Try using hooks straight outta the packet and this usually ends in tears on dream fish.

Each hook type and size will slide, bounce, roll, and hopefully hook a fish somewhere, but that can not always be ideal.

Owner ST66TN Number 1 is a strong favourite. When they are in they’re in and an angler can swing 50+ lb braid with confidence.

Sure, these hooks can bend, break and buckle under serious work loads but in my experience the ratio of landed fish sits super high and I rate them dearly. Sponsored, lol? Never have been. Using gear that works is the style, a mix and match of proven equipment.

Another cool thing is the number of hooks on a lure.

A favourite six inch lure has a 90-100% conversion when fished with three sets of hooks.

Swim that same lure with just two sets and the number of fish that get off during the fight sky rockets.

This is simply not because there is 33.33333% less chance of hooking a fish what happens is the distance between points now changes the way the fish are hooked and the way the lure interacts and pivots during the fight. Hooked fish can, unhook. Cool hey, well no but yes, cool to understand that can happen.

That lure produces great fish with three sets of trebles, and when casting it with two trebles I know the risk is elevated.

Also if the treble width is narrower than the lure body then that lure body will protect the hook points resulting in lower conversions. Hook point width should be greater than lure width…. also take into consideration the thickness of a metre plus barra’s jaw bones and aim for a treble that fits over the jawbone.

Getting barra to take a lure is one thing and special attention needs to be placed on hook up rates.

There’s plenty to learn regarding hook choice and barra ending up in the net.

Stone, sharpen the #$^&%= things!!

Johnny Mitchell