Interpreting Images – online sonar course

The image above shows barra moving upstream. The bite stopped as the fish moved with the tidal features. The sonar supported our thoughts of the fish moving upstream- so we did too and continued catching barra, often experiencing double hook ups on 80cm fish. Using sonar knowledge with observation, awareness and fishing skill creates a deadly combination.

Over 150 various sonar images are fully explained in the course. Not only are the images decoded to make it easy on the eye so you know what’s visible on screen (in some shots there are over 1 tonne of fish), but we go further with some of the images by bringing the screenshot to life through explaining the associated fish behaviour, or sharing fishy ideas on how you may approach situations.

The concept encourages anglers to place more emphasis on the sonar to extract a lot more from the image than just identifying the structure or species. It’s a stepping-stone toward strategic fishing and problem solving.

Modern units are amazing, but they also have their flaws or weakness. To improve accuracy in pinpointing fish position or recognising where sonars have trouble providing accurate information, an angler will be better equipped and able to adapt to the situation. Casting in the wrong spot is a waste of time. Consistently good anglers have mastered this.

Images used in the course aren’t your amazing wow-factor best of the best, they’re hand selected images more likely to be encountered in the field. This one is fully explained in the course, identifying what it is and why it’s harder to decode.

Sonar info was used to adjust the way we fished to provide two whoppers around 1200mm each, this is also explained in the course.

Pinpointing fish position is only the start of what can be extracted from a single sonar image. We highlight the essential information that can be identified, then incorporated into a strategic fishing plan. I reckon many anglers miss the true value of sonar information and what it allows a skilled angler to accomplish.


The sonar course was created over a two year period, more than 1500 hours have gone into this creation, plus a lifetime of fishing experience. The added support of the discussion forum for course subscribers at no extra cost is a benefit alone, let alone the mix of knowledge and visual content.

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Johnny Mitchell