Lake Awoonga

Hi Guys,

Just a quick note to let members know that Lake Awoonga is firing and a prime arena to sharpen skills and learn more about barra.

Good sized fun fish, find weed and lillies and give it a red hot go. There’s also barra in some stick country, depends what tickles your fancy.

Surface fishing action is a big drawcard, give it a go anytime of day, dawn and dusk is also worth some focus. Building cakes is the idea!

Weedless paddletails in the 120 to 150mm range are ideal, rig weedless if needed. Twitch minnows or suspending hardbodies where a pause triggers bites is a great starting point.

Energised fringes are a main contender!

Rip in.

50 to 90cm is the wide range, 65 to 85 is common.

Johnny Mitchell