Learning New Things

Hunters are lining up to do this!

As we learn more, change is inevitable. New knowledge is exciting and adjusts tactics. Like tuning a car radio, slight tweaks make a big difference. Growth and change are cool if wanting to keep up with the professionals and fast learners.

Good hunters repeat results often, they don’t fluke it. Why, because they are fast to learn and open to learning. They can quickly leave you behind.

A fast learner is unstoppable and can become twice as good in just 12 months, pretty sure you’ve seen people get better FAST.

I’m teaching a lot of guys these days some really cool stuff about fishing, hunting and earth cycles, things providing greater control. Beginners and professionals enjoy this journey as the benefits are huge.

I’m at a professional, extreme, crazy deep level across numerous species and spent decades fully immersed in wild learning. Land and sea.

That knowledge is available to tap into and it’s amazing to see what clients do in the field by openly taking on the new learning.

It’s returning to school, but a fun school about your favourite hobby. No one falls asleep in the room lol.

The starting point investigates main drivers such as weather and how it directly and indirectly affects the environment. Guys thrive from these eye-opening seminars and that’s only the beginning to some ultra-cool training levels.

Seminars are widely accepted opportunities, we’re leading people through a five level wild programme and if you’re on the fence will get left behind.

Imagine learning 100 little things opening the door to 100 more leading to 100 more? Learning happens fast….. changing tactics can happen even faster.

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I’ve spent time with great hunters like the Bastard Smith Brothers that micro-analyze their game and together we thrive in great conversation. Just one triangled question between three minds can lead to a great ending.

Wade Smith is a highly experienced, adaptable and forward thinking hunter. Skilled hunters catch quality repeatedly via tactical process.

 The ‘Bastard Smith Brothers’ say…

“On a recent hunt JM helped us turn two false jumps into a 136kg boar simply by teaching us about inversion in the immediate atmosphere!

Yep scratch your head, we did!
“Holy f*€k!” may have been mentioned a few times.

 The guy is a freak, the knowledge he has to offer is life changing. Sh!t outside happens for a reason and he knows why!”

Bastard Smith Brothers
Hunting Enthusiasts.

Luke Smith invests time and deep thought into hunting strategy. Luke and Wade Smith analyze every capture to refine process. One extra detail can fill the missing link to snookering a big one.

Read more about pigs, weather and fish here at DO YOU NAIL THIS?