Victory For Masterclass Angler

Masterclass angler Jeff Dyne recently took 1st place in the ‘Rocky Barra Bounty’ with an impressive win highlighting his exceptional skills as an angler and the strength of the masterclass system.

Jeff’s limited time on the water in 2017 due to life commitments reinforce the importance of strategic fishing and careful planning. In discussions with Jeff he explained his plans kept him on a good track, having to make adjustments throughout the three days in order to land 19 barra, both large and small.

Jeff also managed to take home the prize for the “Three Largest Barra”, his catch included two exceptional fish at 1165 mm and 1175 mm. As anglers refine the physical skills it frees time to focus on mental skills and other areas of the challenge including a subject we refer to as ‘Uncontrollable Elements.’ Breaking the fishing game down into sectors makes it a hell of a lot easier for anglers to understand.

Over a decade ago I shared similar fundamentals with the Taylor twins, two teenage tournament anglers who blitzed the freshwater barramundi competition scene for five years straight. They also won tournaments on lakes they had never fished before, showing the power of this strategy.

Barra fishing is a day-by-day challenge, yet knowing what to cast and when to cast it saves a hell of a lot of wasted effort and increases angler efficiency by knowing and not guessing.

A huge buzz livens my senses knowing anglers take this seriously and to watch the number of incredible stories grow beyond words is satisfying. Jeff will also look at weakness and areas he believes need further attention, then develop those into strengths.

I’ll guarantee one thing, while peering out the window on a ‘work day’ Jeff will be thinking about ways to improve his results…………….

Johnny Mitchell