Masterclass Anglers Climb Higher

A recent saltwater barramundi fishing tournament saw six of the top 10 places (including 1st, 3rd and 4th place) taken by Masterclass trained anglers. Now they’ve taken that to freshwater impoundments with great success during the 2019 ABT with wins and high end placings at each event.

Quiet stats-

Event 1 – 1st and 2nd place
Event 2 – 1st and 2nd place
Event 3 – 3rd
Event 4 – 2nd
Plus 2nd place overall in TOY (team of year standings) for the whole ABT event.

The three largest fish, all over 1200mm including the new ABT record were caught by trained guys. (Coincidence, not really)

Masterclass anglers have an entire different approach to nearly all competitors.
Why? They are trained to make educated decisions on micro-detail most others simply cannot see or understand, which in turn increase the odds dramatically.

The cool thing is most Masterclass guys don’t have the time to fish often, instead work through the Masterclass system from the ground up applying neccessary foundations and adapting quickly on the day to find results.

Ben from Tara (a professional hunter) captured two 1200+ giants during the first ABT event to help secure a win with Dylan Mott by knowing why to adjust fishing style and location.
They had never ever fished that spot before- it sounds like a bold move in a competition round, but when knowing why the change in plan must occur it makes the decision dead easy obvious.

Masterclass is tight lipped, it isn’t squeaked in interviews or spoken aloud. Why, because guys know its VALUE!

Give it time and Masterclass will rise to the top of the Impoundment World also.

Once these successful anglers erradicate the weak links in their game they will hit the accelerator.

Masterclass content really is powerful stuff………feed it and watch it grow!

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Johnny Mitchell