Masterclass Mega Barra

What’s the Pinnacle in a Barra Fisher’s career?

Four x 120cm + wild barra in one session could be it!

Catching a metre-long wild salty sits high on the list, yet through Fishing Masterclass and Wild Adventures we work beyond that benchmark encouraging anglers to push their mental and physical boundaries.

A 120cm wild salty is often remarked as the pinnacle barra goal, yet what an angler can do when trained and focused on a task is next-level. Anglers can reach this pinnacle if the fire inside burns hard…..with the right attitude and the fine details of Masterclass they’re well on their way.

PB smashed four times in succession. 1315mm

It’s the pull, if drawn toward a hunger to learn or knowing that even 120cm long barra have a catch recipe or formula, you may be keen to engage. Masterclass is way beyond basic and is guaranteed to hurt the brain….in a good way.

You climb into a realm where the mind is opened to topics rarely considered and you process information like never before. If you feed it good energy, it grows into something powerful. Once it goes ‘click’ you never look back.

The last report in the door is from a Masterclass hunter (student). I prefer the word hunter, as it’s a mix of age-old hunting skills, observation and awareness that form the strength. Back to the story, the Masterclass hunter reached an all-time-high by lure fishing four mega salty barra between 120cm and 131.5cm (on his own) in just one session.

Masterclass anglers commonly remain anonymous as they recognise the value of the content and tiptoe quietly.

Here’s a quick look into his story.

“Using Johnny’s information and knowledge from Masterclass I kept a close eye on the changing weather conditions, processing a number of variables and headed off with metre-plus barra in mind.
I located fish, ignoring substantial schools of smaller fish under a metre, several times.

The larger fish were located, in a smaller school so I positioned the boat, keeping in mind the water current factors and the water quality to name a few. The third cast hooked my PB, the fight was epic, a cracker at 1220mm. I scooped her up and took photos with very high emotions – I had just caught and landed my PB.

…but all the factors, herbs and spices for a good session were still in play, so I needed to act.

It didn’t take long for the second barra at 1220 to bite. It was at this point I was pinching myself.

The consolidation of information Johnny taught me had come to fruition !

1220mm, barra number two.

After 4 casts another committed bite occurred, landing a 1200.  This fish destroyed the lure, it disappeared completely.

I could see the fish were feeding – big giant footprints on the water surface, and could feel them feeding- that ‘thooooomp’ sensation vibrating through the hull!

It only took 3 casts to secure the 4th, the biggest and the final barra of my epic session. This barra was in a class all of its own, taking an 80 metre run, jumping several times – this was nothing short of epic.

1315mm on the mat and several photos later – What a morning !!
The bites all came, ‘as predicted’ with what was taught in the Masterclass.

The knowledge was invaluable, and with my confidence high, the results shone through.  If you get a chance, you need to participate in Johnny’s Masterclass, all I will say is that it’s worth its weight in BARRA SUCCESS !!”

——————————————————-Our next seminars are set for Cairns on the 17th and 18th March and Gladstone on the 14th and 15th April.

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The total number of 1200mm to 1300mm + saltwater barra landed by Masterclass hunters is now at 31.

Johnny Mitchell

Wild Adventures JM