Monster Mac

Monster Mackerel Story

We recently ran a seminar on mackerel fishing with people attending from around Queensland. At the beginning of the seminar we explained the importance of applying constructive methods and why a silver bullet approach to learning ends in failure.
Les Randles clearly made the most of his learning opportunity turning refined fishing strategies into the fish of a lifetime.

Les says…

“We started trolling again and had another hit. Sam gunned the motor, and we’re hooked up to another good fish. Sam’s turn this time.
I took the wheel and manoeuvred the vessel to keep Sam in the starboard corner. He fought this fish for about 15 minutes, then said “shit dad this thing’s big, f*#@$n big”. He bought the fish along side, I gaffed it but couldn’t lift it in. The gunnels on our vessel are very high so it took the both of us to lift in.
It was a huge Spanish.
Mate we were absolutely stoked, just blown away with the size of it and what had just happened.

The thing measured …. 172cm and 35.0kg

We had a great day fishing and learnt a lot putting into practice what I learnt at the workshop …..
Framework – find, position, apply, catch.
Clarity – visibility and the food chain…

Sam and I are very happy fisherman, thanks very much for sharing your knowledge.”


These stories back the importance of applying a systematic approach to catching.
What’s rewarding as a teacher is seeing clients listen and apply in the structured format to achieve results.

Our barramundi fishing training programmes are no different. Guys win comps, catch giant saltwater barra over 1200mm and push the bar higher through these avenues.

The strategies are proven and anglers travel a long way for the chance to learn from an expert strategist and ultra-tuned angler.

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