More Giant Barra

Five impressive giants dwarfed measuring mats this week, captures reported by Masterclass anglers.
All five wild fish in the 1250 to 1300mm bracket were caught to the minute, and some to the second, predicted by anglers before events took place via processing a shitload of key variables.

These aren’t flukes, it’s precision art; mastering multiple skillsets, many rarely discussed in fishing conversations.

Each fish was caught using a different set of ‘herbs and spices’, not just because of one magic thing, but many.

A fishing article was published about a year ago referring to my brain as a ‘human super computer’; well it’s that same processing ability I’m teaching fisherman.
It works, is deadly once understood, and changes people. It’s not about knowing the small micro details, but understanding their meaning that makes the difference between mediocre catches and boating freaking whoppers.

Johnny Mitchell