Nine Saltwater Critters, Two Hours

Wild barra fishing is hell addictive, a recent trip in windy weather showed the passion is deep and burning bright.

I snuck out with the intent to target metre fish and landed six over a metre, two in the 90cm+ range and a Qld Groper, all on the same lure….in two hours.

Catching metre + wild barra can be done daily if an angler really wants to.

To simplify the story, timing at four locations was good, stealth applied (silent), hooks sharp, casts accurate, mindset calm and positive, lure presentation smooth and steady, hooksets rapid, and a calm head during the fight.

One fish missed connection and another half arsed bite occurred.

The rest were solid bites, but they needed encouragement to get it to happen.

So much can go wrong in fishing, wrong spot, wrong lure, wrong technique, wrong depth, wrong speed, wrong wrong bloody wrong lol.

It can be demoralizing, but it’s purely awareness adjustment. The quicker we problem solve the quicker it becomes right spot, right depth, right lure bla bla bla.

I fish these days to refine the game,  to continue learning and developing as an individual and angler.

When focused, learning is magnified and man it doubles your game.

My barra knowledge doubles every year, it took 20 years to learn, 10 to tune and now every 12 months it doubles because each subject gets microscoped hard and I continue to revisit the water with new eyes and see what was once blind content.

I love helping people, at that point in their journey where they too can be blind to the obvious.


Johnny Mitchell