Racking Up Winter Whoppers

Masterclass angler Shane Petty took the challenge of winter barra to next level this year by dissecting the fine detail and cracking his local fishery wide-open with significant catches of stonker barra. Anglers can feel a little daunted when staring winter in the face for the first time, yet our masterclass system gives anglers unprecedented advantage during all four seasons. Shane’s want to succeed pushed him forwards to great achievement.

When an angler can make informed decisions and adapt to the seasonal intricacies they know they’re tuning in to the way-of-the-wild. Masterclass anglers aren’t casting lures relentlessly and hoping, there’s a considerable few decades of my experience being applied through many decisions they make.

Keen anglers like Shane process where, when, why and how they choose to fish using solid reason- what happens next when a few good fish are landed is a boost in confidence. A few tough trips keep them honest, and from that grounding they make better decisions and begin to see ‘why’ things happen. It builds experience and it’s this very experience that makes their masterclass system a powerful tool. As each year passes they become stronger.

Shane whacked some exceptional wild fish on lure this winter in the 100cm -116cm bracket and will look back at 2017 as a year of fantastic learning where the roots of development are firmly entwined in the earth’s ways. Shane is well on his way to produce another 120cm + fish in 2018.


Johnny Mitchell